Life Can Be Odd!

"You didn't notice I was not wearing clothes? Well I am pleased but not surprised." was a sentence I never thought I would find myself saying in daily routine life. This past few days we have had to have various workmen & decorators in our property, some times it's felt like the place isn't really our own. We had three assorted labourers & an electrician here yesterday, they were here by 8 am. I didn't bother putting clothes on in my own home, which is quite usual, although my wife has a ritualistic barrage for me when we are having other people in for different reasons. I hadn't realised that several days ago I had spent many naked hours lounging around whilst the bricklayers were busy in my extension kitchen.
This morning I stood talking to 4 workers and offered to make coffee's for them. That's when the unusual conversation started. The big burly builder just commented that as I had been naked so much during their time here, that it had become a 'normal' scene. It is somehow refreshing to know that a 'naked lifestyle' can very soon become "unnoticed" and therefore perfectly 'acceptable'.
Life can be odd!

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  1. My AC service comes around twice a year to maintain my heat pump system. I have told the main office that I live naked in my home so workers will be informed. I have never had a complaint but have had some good conversations with those who show up for the job.

  2. That sounds like that people are not as shocked seeing naked people as once was, and being in your own home were you can relax and be urself should not matter I think builder's see that a lot so it doe's not bother them

  3. I think the old Mae West saying of 'Those who are easily shocked need to be shocked more often' kind of explains it. People are easily shocked by naked people because they seldom see it, but after awhile they get over it and it becomes normal. Glad to hear you could do this. I've worked construction naked on several homes, for months actually, and that was great.

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