Plumbing Amazing !

A naturist couple that we know have moved in across the street from us, they have had a few hectic months settling in & moving the last of their possessions from the previous address. Within days they had been across to us for a meal & made several 'borrowing' visits for all those odd things that were needed but not yet moved. They soon got used to calling around to our back door & letting themselves in, just calling out 'Hi' as they came in. Of course it was of no consequence when we were naked or partially dressed when they came & similar happened if we visit them. When we have an 'open door friendship' like this we feel most comfortable & at ease in our own home. The recent happening that caused laughter in an unexpected way was when we were speaking with a plumber in our kitchen about work we were seeking quotes for. We were fully dressed and saw no reason at this stage to mention naturism or our 'clothes free lifestyle' to the plumber. Our friends decided right at this same time to pop over for a coffee break. Both came bounding in full of laughter & happiness to tell us about their new grand-daughter. Our plumber looked amazed as they gasped out their news and seemed so full of overflowing happiness. BUT.. what shocked him more was when Marie just whipped off her t-shirt and flung it in the air with excitement, her ample breasts bounced and made the bemused chap almost fall from his stool. We all laughed, then as she realised why we found it all so hysterical she just roared with laughter herself & said.. "Well I can't cover these with my hands, so just carry on looking!"

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