Stay, Not Away!

We planned our holiday with a difference for this summer, instead of all the airport stress & crowded hassles, we have opted for a 'Stacation'. In other words we are staying in England and just travelling around 80 miles to our very friendly apartment. Our fabulous friends, I met at a camp site in France in 1991, have a place for us in their large house! I have kept in touch every month & actually went to their son's naturist wedding! Earlier this year they told us that the apartment within their house had been booked by a couple who had it last year, but sadly due to a bereavement they have to cancel. So we are taking up that break in a beautiful place & we don't need very many clothes at all!

Terry & Marie have brought up 3 children in a naturist lifestyle & always had so much happiness in their home with their youngest son Gary being the last one to marry & move out. Needless to say both boys & their sister always return to the nest at least 3 times a year, their own broods are increasing each year and filling the family home with even more laughter & loving fun as they flood in. When we go in two weeks time one son & his wife will be there with their own 2 children. How wonderful this is, we are so looking forward to it in so many ways. Not only meeting up with friends of a long time, but meeting up with some of the family in glorious naked holiday leisure.

So forget travelling to crowded airports, forget the queues & tempers, instead of many miles up in the air for 4 hours we'll be in a car for just over 1 hour, then at a gorgeous countryside family house for paradise times.

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