When I Found Love? (two)

When my new girlfriend & I stepped into the house we were nervous of mum's reactions. BUT seeing my sister & her husband sat naked on the settee certainly took my breathe away. Mum sat watching tv almost oblivious to us arriving, she suddenly jumped up to greet us & she only had pants on! I don't think I've ever heard of any (textile) woman being introduced to 3(almost)naked people without someone fainting!
As I ushered my girl into the lounge she began to smile a little more, the conversation flowed easily from my sister & her husband, mum stayed glued to her tv much as she always did. We even had to make our own hot drinks! In a quick snatched moment my girl whispered, "No-One cares about having no clothes on, you said they wouldn't didn't you!". I think she took the brave step of kicking off her shoes, coat & t-shirt. It looked odd to see her sat in bra & trousers!
My sister suddenly broke her chatter and said to me, "You have had your clothes on for nearly an hour, what's wrong with you?"

Although I did get naked and persuade my girl to at least remove her bra, it somehow didn't really settle into a comfortable meeting at all! When I took my girl back to her house (fully dressed) she was very quiet. Soon after getting into her lounge she looked almost tear full, she made an emotional statement which basically meant, "I think you've got a wonderful family, maybe slightly bonkers, they probably would great anyone very warmly but I don't like all that nakedness. it isn't for me, I really like you so much but it has to be over!"

I never did figure out if she was afraid of nudity in general or just concerned at seeing my sisters large boobs set free, my mothers pendulous breasts out loose or my brother-in-law manfully striding his bulky bared body ! I did phone her several times that month, but she was right, she couldn't be 'the one for me!'.

Just two years afterwards when my family went to a naturist holiday resort I met a lovely woman who had actually worked with my sister about 3 years earlier. She was there with her young son & his friend and parents. Shona became my first long term partner, although we never married or had children. When she came to mums house on summer days she could be naked within 30 seconds!. That was when I found love! (first time!)

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  1. In both cases, it was good (in the long run) to get this out in the open as soon as possible. A fundamental property of each relationship was exposed, indicating the potential success of each in a timely fashion. I'm glad things worked out.

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