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I wonder why it is so hard to be naked here, and why its so tabu to be naked? It would be so much fun to have a openminded and naked friend.
Someone who love to be naked and is not ashemd for showing it.
Someone to bath and camping with. That would be fun, and of course someone to play video games with and talk about everything with, weather, girls, music and sex.

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  1. Thank you for explaining this, Anders. I, as most people from the U.S., am quite ignorant about the cultures of other countries. We get most of our information from TV and it's usually wrong. That's what I like about this site and others like it. I can communicate directly with someone from another country.
    Regardless how strongly people feel about nudity, I can't imagine it being worse that here in the U.S. The religious right has such a tight control on the laws and culture that most nudist have to hide it from their families and work place.
    I personally, being a rebel I guess, don't care who knows. 🙂

    • Well here it is not the religion that is the problem because the religion has nothing to do with the state and law here, state and church is separated here. It is more like moral and that it can offend others strongly.
      It was different 30 years ago. Then it was more like in Germany or France here.

    • Well it's not taboo but people have a strong feeling about nudity. There is some special places where we can be nude. And yes saunas we have and people like it, but it is only withing the own family and close friends. In a public sauna we have one for men and one for women.
      Nude camping well I don't know where you can do that but probably there is some comping somewhere.

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