The pest on Naktiv called “Nudie News”

Attention, please.

I have a complaint. Has anyone noticed someone creating a pingback on your blogs leading to this website called “Nudie News”? I have, two of my posts. They directly copy your content and paste it on their website; picture and all. This has to stop. It needs to be put to this person’s attention that IT IS NOT OKAY to copy one’s content, ESPECIALLY NUDE CONTENT without the creator’s explicit permission.

Since it has happened to me for the 2nd time, I am considering taking legal action against the aforementioned website.

If you look at a blog created in the last 5 to 7 days and scroll through the comments, you will eventually see a “pingback” leading to Nudie News Today.

Look. I appreciate it if someone really likes my content, but I do not condone straight-up theft of my content WITH A NUDE PICTURE when nobody has asked me.

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  1. I think the admins have the site set up so that if you post, it will be available for all the web to see, and that includes reposters like Nudie News. I believe if you are concerned about the privacy of your posts, you can mark the post “private” and it will not be available to the general public. I could be incorrect though.

    • Not sure who this Nudie News is: I checked out the profile and it’s blank of course. Ripping content from other websites is a bit pointless unless they are getting some revenue from the visitors to their site. Given the majority of the content on Naktiv would be banned by FB, Twitter etc., the links on the sidebar seem a bit pointless. I think a privacy setting limiting viewing of the content to signed in members is a good thing as it will encourage people to use the site (Naktiv) rather than go to other sites that are plagiarising the content.

      (I just tried the “private” setting on my last blog and this removed it from both the blog page and the home page. My account privacy settings allow viewing of content by members but this seems to be over-ridden if you post a blog and don’t mark it private. If you mark it private then it cannot be seen at all).

    • In all fairness there are two things wrong here: Firstly, perhaps some more pro-active engagement with your users would have been nice from the moment the new site appeared. Secondly, the other examples of social media sites all have options of both sharing data and not (!) sharing data. A system that would allow people to [lock] their profile like on twitter so only friends can see it, or to create groups with whom he/she wants to share like on Facebook, would make this sharing practice a far better and more user-friendly experience.

  2. You have right, asking the permission al least a good practice.

    BUT!!!! This site does not protect the images from external viewer.
    Try to copy the link of an image (hosted in this site) in a private window of your browser.
    The image is visible without any login.

  3. I don’t think it would be very difficult for the site administrators to add some additional levels of security to the site. I agree that Naktiv is a close community and as members we do not want to have to worry about where content we share within the community ends up – without our consent.
    Of course, anything posted online is always at risk of being copied and used elsewhere. There is no 100% certain way to prevent this. However, there are ways to reduce the risk of this happening. This requires us as members to make choices and take actions with our privacy settings, and also for those managing the site to configure it to protect users as much as possible. For example, disallowing easy or automatic sharing of content from one site to another is usually a simple matter of unticking this option in the site settings (depending on what platform is being used). Of course, someone can still copy and paste.
    If, as NudieNews above seems to suggest, all content here can be easily viewed and copied by non-members, then there are certainly additional levels of privacy that could easily be added to the site to help prevent or reduce this.
    In fairness, the site administrators here have always been quite clear about how the site works (in terms of privacy). However, tightening up the site’s settings and configuration so that members feel safer when sharing content would be no harm.

    • That’s exactly what I would propose. Let everyone writing a blog have an option to provide either closed or open access. With the latter option nudie news can aggregate it.. I understand the benefit of having “all the nudist news” in one place available on Twitter.

  4. Howdy, I’m NudiNews. I won’t repost your content anymore. Two things you should know, though:

    1) The Naktiv site is not private and the content you post is not password protected. Log out and take a look. There is literally a bar down the left-hand side of the page that allows a person to share your content to twitter, fb, etc. The site also supplies rss feeds which is how I receive content through my aggregator.

    2) It is pretty obvious on my site that I did not write the content and I always link back to the original url just after the title. I’m trying to market naturism FOR FREE for content producers like yourselves.

    Thank you and Happy 2020.

  5. I think it’s unfair that someone could take the pictures we posted in a site protected by password and share them freely. I think that it’s an abuse, it’s fairly incorrect that someone could take pictures from our site after being logged in with a password and export them in another site without password, without the possibility to ask for permission. In Naktiv we feel protected, we feel like a community of like-minded people, we understand each other. Visiting “Nudie News” everyone could think that every picture is of public domain. Our pictures (mine at least) are exclusively for Naktiv, supporting all Richard’s efforts to build up a community, a conscience, a life-style. I have no opposition sharing my picture: at least I would know with whom I’m dealing. It’s a matter of correctitude.

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