The Perfect Naturist Photo

The perfect naturist photo for me is the one that shows your body in a way that looks so intertwined with the surrounding environment that they become one. The inner beauty of all human beings starts glowing from inside out until it reaches the same level of the outer beauty´s glow. The frequencies are synchronized. But it requires a pureness, a naiveté that doesn't exist anymore. It requires a new you. A kind of rebirth. A new connection to life. That's what I look for. And wish you can also get the perfect naturist photo. Happy Easter.

22 thoughts on “The Perfect Naturist Photo”

  1. Sorry guys… the best naturist photo is simply being and being in nature. Posed, erect, walking, swimming… it does not matter. The connection with nature and the earth and others is all that is important I think. "THE BEST" is what you want it to be,,,

  2. Yes, David. I have think to myself that one thing nk is the experience you have itself and the other is the photograph you took while experiencing that. The photos always seemed to me to much risqué than the experience I had. Too posed, provocative sometimes when what you had in your senses is something more close to a child discovering the world. Maybe we are grown up children.

  3. Most photos, naturist or otherwise, are some version of "You stand over there so I can take a photo." It looks staged, but it adds a human dimension to a nature scene or some other interesting place. We are the most beautiful species. All human beings are inherently beautiful and photos display that beauty. Virtually all people enjoy seeing people photos more than cat photos or dog photos.

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