Warning.. I'm Naked!

Some people are stunned to silence, some have a nervous laugh and mutter something like "oh really, are you serious?". Some just say "Ok, that's fine, no problem." A very few look disgusted and march away.
I never make a secret of the fact that I prefer to be naked in my own house, I pre-warn people who make phone enquiries about coming to see me or my wife. I tell people who are likely to come to our door as casual visitors that I will be naked, if someone comes to the door unexpectedly I stay partly behind the door (which is solid wood) and say "I am naked, I prefer to stay naked, do you want to come in?"
We have our groceries delivered from a major supermarket and none of their delivery drivers have objected to seeing a nude male when they come. We have our tablets & injections delivered from our chemist by a courier/van driver who also has no objections to nudity. My wife regularly orders clothing items from various on-line companies, who have a female courier calling to our address, she is a fabulous married mum of four who also has no problems with my nakedness.
Maintenance electricians worked on my kitchen refit last spring (2014) and for 3 days none of their staff (male & female)objected to my nudity or my wife's early morning bare chested appearances.
In short, I think I can honestly say that by being 100% honest and direct about my 'Naturist' lifestyle preferances up front, and by being mindful of those who may 'accidently' call at our door, 85% of people are quite willing to accept nudity in the home. Provided that they can feel comfortable and not threatened by the nakedness they usually stay & chat to the point that everyone (including me!) forgets that I am nude!
I have only one rule that will never change, if a non-naturist is coming and bringing any person who is under 16 years old, then I will get clothes on if the visit is important. So where children are involved (of non-naturists) there will be NO nakedness.
So if you or anyone in your home has any doubts about living naked, you may wish to adopt my method of doing so. If you need to speak to anyone intending to come (including family!) just say "I have a warning.. I'm naked!"

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