What is Nudism All About

Hello! Whether you’re just curious as to what this nude stuff is all about, or maybe you’ve tried it and have some questions, we’re here to help!

If you’re like some of us your introduction to this strange idea of ‘nudism’ came from grainy black and white photos of bare people playing volleyball. Or perhaps from the internet with pics of beautiful models basking ‘naturally’ on a page full of ads for porno sites. Let’s explore a bit and see what we find.

The first thing to keep in mind is that, other than being naked, nudists are people just like everyone else with the same feelings and interests, differences and personalities. We do tend to be a bit more open-minded, probably because we know what it’s like to be judged unfairly based on stereotypes. That said, we also tend to be rather prudish in some ways. You will find little ‘improper’ behavior in a socially nude situation. As they say: Be nude, not rude.
Enough of all that, time to move on.

Shall we do this in a Q&A format? Ok, lets. Whee! What fun!

Q: What’s the difference between a nudist and a naturist?
A: Not much, though some would argue. A naturist is generally more into nudity in an outdoorsy setting while a nudist is happy to be nude just about anywhere. That’s simplified but good enough for now. The term ‘clothes free’ is gaining in popularity recently since some people don’t care to be labeled ‘nudist’, along with the perceived negative ideas related to the word.

Q: What does ‘Textile” mean?
A: ‘Textile’ is a term referring to the community of those who cover their bodies with clothing most of the time, as opposed to ‘nudists/naturists’ who prefer not to. It is convenient, descriptive, and non-derogatory.

Q: What’s the difference between ‘nudist’ and ‘clothing optional’?
A: Used in descriptions of campgrounds or resorts, ‘nudist’ usually means that full nudity is expected most of the time. ‘Clothing optional’ indicates that nudity is allowed but not required, and may be restricted as to times and places. When booking into a resort be very sure about what you’re getting. It would be a shame to travel a great distance only to find out that you can be nude only at the pool, after 11:00 PM.

What Is Nudism All About?

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  1. I think most places you would go to on holiday especially in the UK are CO simply because of the weather. Even in France the campsites etc are relaxed about you being CO and only really enforce the nude rule in the pool. (In my experience) you would need to be very hardy here in Wales to enforce nude only rules. Bloody freezing at the moment!

  2. Personally, I prefer and feel more comfortable at a clothes optional, as they seem more accepting than nudist camps, I feel the nude only rule feels they r less accepting and that ur not good enough if ur not fully nude. Too much pressure for me I'm afraid. But this is only my feelings and how the concept of nude only comes across to me.

  3. Greg took me to a clothes optional site. It was great. as a newbie myself, I'm not quite ready to go nude in front of strangers just yet. There are also couple who maybe 1 half is a naturist but the partner may not be but does not mind others being involved. It allows couples and/or families to holiday together and be who they want to be.

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