Why Buy Now?

What kind of things do you expect to be given at Christmas? What kind of gifts do you hope for on your birthday? I often wonder if we either seek to increase praise on us by almost demanding better valued gifts, or do we just hope the things we get are what we actually want & can make some use of. Then there's the alternative viewpoint, do we give the gifts that say "This cost a small fortune!" or do we actually stop and consider the person we're buying for? Do we buy presents to suit the person who will receive them?
Maybe it is just our individual personalities, but my wife & I rarely just buy gifts on birthdays & at Christmas. We tend to buy each other things throughout the year that will actually be appreciated in some way by each other. It could be something to wear, it could be some kind of gadgetry or some electrical gizmo. It could be as simple as a CD or a pair of slippers. The point we make to each other is that we care & we take notice of each other every day of every year! These little shows of gifts or treats to a night away are truly appreciated because they are uniquely for the occasion & the person, not for some festive period that isn't all that personal or meaningful.
Another side of this topic is the actually buying of presents for a 'religious' period? Is that what we use to signify our devotion at Christmas? Is it the jewellery or the ipad, is it the coat or the new shirt? Is that our way of saying we actually believe the full Christianity story from Genesis to 2015?
For myself & for my wife we are content to let the 'present' Christmas slip by uncared for! The rush & crush around shops & the panic about what is the 'right thing' for auntie Nelly or uncle Bob. Is it right to spend only £x on mum or should we spend £x+z? We think the joy of watching what others get is a visual pleasure for us, along with all the re-runs of TV shows & overhyped programmes.
Yes it is "each to their own" I guess, but at least I have put the thought out there, 'Why do you buy presents at Christmas & birthdays?"

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  1. Nice post thank you Patrick. If I was clever with My English I would add some thoughts about materialism consumism and environment. I'd just say that we stopped exchanging gifts on Xmas a couple years ago. Me myself these days just make a couple yearly donations to two NGO. I must admit I did give a gift to my partner, but it wasnt a Xmas gift, was more of a "couple thing".
    In my family we exchanged gifts for decades, but now we are all starting to realize we need to re-shape our… present.

  2. My wife and I don't buy birthday, Xmas, or anniversary gifts. If either of us really wanted something we go out and pick it up when we want it all year. Gifts end up being something we didn't want enough to consider it worth the price, if we had any use for it at all. Little trinkets and nick-knacks end up gathering dust on a shelf and be have shelves full of such things already. Gifts are mostly for children who don't have their own money to spend all year.

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