Why do you love nudism?

I shared this thought with a friend today through chat: "Every human body has a story…and it is through that story the defines how we are shaped."

When we are nude we are presenting that story for all the world to see. Every stretch mark, every freckle, every scar, every tattoo, every piercing…no book jacket needed (clothes). It is the easiest way of saying to the world, this is me. This is who I am, this is what I have done with my life.
I think it is that honest bearing of the soul that scares a lot of people. Clothes can protect us, they can hide us, they can make us appear as how we want the world to see us. Nudism gives us a level of transparency that conflicts with society's norms.

Why do you love nudism?

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  1. I enjoy the comfort I feel when I am completely nude. Everything fits perfectly; when I am swimming I don’t like having a wet piece of cloth around my waist and on really hot days I much prefer the feeling of sun and fresh air on my body rather than perspiration soaked pieces of clothing sticking to me.

  2. in many cases that i have found it is not so simple. The person first must over come the ingrained teaching of religion, taboos taught ,and the great deal of bovine feces scattered about by an insecure society. the general thinking goes something like this, the only reason to be naked is for the purpose of intercourse, the only reason to engage in intercourse is procreation and you shouldnt enjoy that.

    Careful reading of genisis will reveal that yahweh's anger was not so much that adam and eve ate of the tree of knowledge but that they gained the knowledge that they were naked and were ashamed of their nakedness. so he couldnt watch anymore.

    could this possibly be the very root of the assumption that plagues us as naturalists today? That nudity equals sexual activity?

  3. You've summed up well why I love nudism too, we're ourselves with no camouflaging textiles and associated labels. Socialising with other nudists is far better than in textile circles because we are all just ourselves. Being open physically through our nudity often means we're more open mentally too.

  4. For me it's partly physical. I experience great sense of lightness when removing heavy clothing. Nude is the ultimate lightness but even a reduction in clothing is beneficial, especially nor wearing a belt or wasteband, a loose robe is a good compromise.
    I also agree with the moresocial and psychological effects discussed above.

  5. @ David Adkins I so agree with what yo said. clothes are a costume they convey what the wearer wants people to see. I mentioned in another post that a friend told me I was "a Distinguished Gentleman" so the next night i did it up to the 9's. white shirt , vest , black frock coat , walking stick, etc. i gave her what she thought I was. Until i got tired of it.

    In my bdsm lifestyle i use nudity as a tool. nude there are no secrets you can only hide behind the mental conditioning of religion. It always comes down to religious taboos and conditioning. And of course since the 50's the "barbie standard."

    Some of the most beautiful women i know suffer from the worst self deprication because they dont fit the barbie standard. it is so difficult to get thru to them that what is inside is more, far more beautiful.

  6. I love nudism because I feel great naked. Actually, I feel better nude than clothed. Why? I don't know, it's just the feeling, and I don't need to find a justification. Just get naked and enjoy life!

  7. I agree with Shane. "freedom" in the USA is rapidly going away while its citizens remain oblivious. between corporate control of the political structure to "religious" privilege being taken to control people's lives… nudism is a value worth protecting as a source of personal freedom.

  8. I've been in to nudism for forty five years, now at sixty I have Parkinson's . The side effect it makes you anxious and insecure in the real world. Have found the nude life style helps a lot , so there is good in nudism

  9. I agree with you Shane…..the last part of your comment is so correct..It's not about Skin v's Cloth's…..it's about people..!!

    For example…there are,in my opinion,some 'horrendous' nudist camp site's (villages) here in France… The type of places that have shops,disco's,bar's restaurant's, etc….and the naked people these places attract are not my type of people…with or without cloths…. Wild horses would not drag me to a place like that..!

    On the other hand….I have been using a naturist camp site for years that as none of the above….perfect for me,and it attract's likewise minded people to it..they are people who are naked on the same planet as me….!! I have similar friends in my textile world…they just don't want to be naked with nature….fine 🙂

    The nudist camp site people would hate my world…..as I hate theirs.. 🙂

  10. I'm in a similar camp to HB and Steve. I think for each and every person there is an attribute that appeals to them, which has no necessity to resonate with others. What works for you is the crucial factor.

    In terms of personal representation and feeling of freedom this is really more a state of mind in my experience. Obviously some people feel more receptive to others when they're nude. I find clothed people no less friendly that nudists and nudists no more receptive or outgoing than clothed people in social situations. I've encountered as many who are as dull as dishwater be they naked or otherwise.

    What is interesting are the parallels between religious zealots and some nudists. "Christians are loving and caring", "Nudists are the nicest people in the world." It all looks and sounds great, but the reality is not quite so cotton candy and peachy keen. People are individuals and many individuals are very cool. Other individuals not so much. Not even religion or nudism can fix that 🙂

  11. I agree with you Happy Bare….for me being at one with nature is all about Freedom..my personal freedom..!! I don't care what other people think…if I did it would hold me back and I would shy away from doing what is natural to me.. I have met lots of naturist's over the years,and in my experience they all do it for their own personal freedom….for what it gives them.

    • In the first 29 years of my life nudity was completely normal, At home or at the lake. Likewise, in the spirit, we simply had no reservations. Naturist holidays at the Baltic Sea was always crowded – striking example is the Family nudist beach Prerow. There was a lot of nudity in books, in the media, photo clubs advertised by Naked Models … – But, we had "walled".
      Since the wall has fallen, since we are the West, this form of freedom is over.
      Other freedoms have come. Suddenly, the beach is privately owned and children must not run around naked, use in kindergarten separate toilets!?! Nudity seems socially unkorreckt, not normal – only still a small minority "makes" FKK …
      About freedom is debatable excellent 🙂

      • Many times I've wondered about the "freedom" the "democratic" West tote so much. It's often occurred to me that parts of the USA in particular are arguably more socially oppressed than some citizens of North Korea, without ever realising to what extent that oppression exists.

        I found it interesting listening to a piece written by the Dalai Lama. In it he states the importance of different political systems, different religions and philosophical ideals. Of course, once you grasp the concept of interdependence and emptiness as described by Tibetan Buddhism, then it makes immense sense.

        Having lived in Australia for just over 13 years now, then visiting native NZ recently , it made me realise how one gets separated from normality. Even with an awareness that you're living in a conservative society, it's not sufficient to keep you fully aware how oppressive the situation is.
        It's almost akin to a form of incarceration. You know outside there is grass and fields you can wander in. There are flowers to be smelt, sand to cushion your foot falls. It's not until you experience those things again that you fully realise just how vivid they are, and how badly they were missed.
        I've never been incarcerated, but the contrast between the still relatively free NZ where it's not illegal to be naked, compared to where I live in Australia, provides a pretty good insight into what actual incarceration might be like.

        The late 18th and 19th centuries illustrate clearly how destructive colonial empires and the widespread adoption of a single ideal can be.
        It's not communism per sec the world should have feared during the mid 20th century, but individualistic capitalism that champions a completely unsustainable philosophy of wasteful consumerism that is destroying the very world we depend upon. Slightly lesser evils are wrought in its name.

        No greater evil should be feared than that which disguises itself as "good".

  12. I love nudism because, when I am wearing clothes I feel as though I am wearing a costume that says, today I am _____. When I am nude, I am not in a costume, I am me. That is why I love nudism…because I am who I am when I am nude.

  13. NAKED I learn with skin and hair, what it means to LIVE …
    It shift values move it claims, I am a "human" in the original sense.
    I'm looking for my "paradise" not in the Hereafter, I live NOW and HERE and I am very happy.
    I would never be a "normal" person again 🙂
    naked greetings – Roberto

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