2 thoughts on “Gleditsias – Honey locust”

  1. A lovely ‘Spring Green’.

    I hope when you say you “take some of that light away” you mean that in the sense that it lifts your spirit, as I’m sure it does. I’m sure you would never rob the place of its light; sunshine is far too plentiful for that.

    Nice picture (as always), thanks for posting it and your comments.

    • Thank you, Brian, for your kind comment.
      My images can help you understand what I see in nature, what I fill my eyes with every day. If you pay attention to the light, you deserve it, and you get it as a present, and it illuminates you too. If you turn to look at a beautiful play of light, if you stop for a moment the cascade of thoughts, the continuous buzz of a thousand possible words, then you enter into a physical and mental calm, just as the plants you see are calm: they have sap, and I have blood; they are still, and I can move; they are wood, and I am flesh, but we “think” the same things, we are grateful to the new day, to the light, to the life we feel inside us vibrate. The pretext of taking a photo then helps me to “see” myself there; as my body is naked, my mind is naked with thoughts.

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