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Polly at the beach - So Polly seems to be acclimatizing nicely here. When she was a puppy, she wouldn't even go into a flat… ... Read more
Naked hiking over a local hill in Tarragona - So Polly and I decided to venture up a local hill, which had been bothering me for some time. The… ... Read more
Conducir desnuda en una trampa de velocidad de la policía - Yo parado el motor como el policia se acercó mi coche. El preguntado para mi papelles de conducir, vehiculo, etc.… ... Read more
Senderismo Desnudo Europeo (Naked European Walking Tour) - El dia empezó con suficiente luz, y somos continuada tener buena suerte con el tiempo. Empezabamós ir arriba la colina… ... Read more
Senderismo Desnudo Europeo (Naked European Walking Tour) - Martes hizó mucho sol otro vez y encuentramos, baso del ski-lift complexo de Asitz in Leogang, el equipo de journalitas… ... Read more
Senderismo Desnudo Europeo (Naked European Walking Tour) - Martes julio 03. Empezabamos hoy con un equipo más pequeno, porque estaba lloviando. Sandro era cansada, Bruce quirida cocinar, Mira… ... Read more
Naked Hiking at the Sierra Natura campground in Valencia - The Sierra Natura naturist campsite in Valencia, built by Diego and Carmen several decades ago, has stood the test of… ... Read more
Ten suggestions for improving nudism/naturism in Cantarriján and everywhere! - The following post was written by the naked and active folk who frequent the Cantarriján beach in Granada, Spain. Although… ... Read more
Hiking trip along the river bed of the Ribera Salada - I was fortunate recently to be able to join a naked hike organized by Segimon of the Associació Club Català… ... Read more
Devious Facebook censorship - I was banned by Facebook, and content removed, accompanied by the threat of a permanently disabled account, because of the… ... Read more

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