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Ten suggestions for improving nudism/naturism in Cantarriján and everywhere! - The following post was written by the naked and active folk who frequent the Cantarriján beach in Granada, Spain. Although… ... Read more
Naked Hiking at the Sierra Natura campground in Valencia - The Sierra Natura naturist campsite in Valencia, built by Diego and Carmen several decades ago, has stood the test of… ... Read more
Hiking trip along the river bed of the Ribera Salada - I was fortunate recently to be able to join a naked hike organized by Segimon of the Associació Club Català… ... Read more
Devious Facebook censorship - I was banned by Facebook, and content removed, accompanied by the threat of a permanently disabled account, because of the… ... Read more
An isartal hiking blog - Hiking in the Isartal, southern Germany. Just a minor blog entry, to see if everything is working again. Merken ... Read more
Naked at Castlerigg stone circle in Cumbria - We were travelling around the north of England, when we camped in the Lake District for a few days. The… ... Read more
Koversada naturist resort report - A week at a naturist camping resort in Croatia - sounds idyllic, doesn't it? Well, very nearly, however, and in… ... Read more
Naked European Walking Tour 2015 – Friday - For our last walk of the week, we joined forces with hut group-A, and Pascal brought his team down to… ... Read more
Naked European Walking Tour 2015 – Thursday - Most of the hut group-B drove around to join Pascal's hut group-A team on a hike near their hut. I… ... Read more
Naked European Walking Tour 2015 – Monday - The start of the week was a tad anti-climatic, as Sandra and I had to take the day off, and… ... Read more

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