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So recently I joined up for this Forum called NerdFitness. Hey…I'm a nerd, and I am trying to become healthier and fit so I figured, why not…

After signing up, I became curious to peek in their Forums to see who, if any of my fellow nerds enjoyed working out nude.

First, I was happy to see that someone actually started a thread in the forum that specifically addressed the issue…Much to my dismay, however, a lot of the individuals spoke out against such a practice. Their primary concern was a very valid concern and it was an issue that I found rather funny. First off…the main issue addressed was safety (from the male point of view), the second was (how shall I put this)…women who's concern was that their upper body makeup would bounce around too much and they have to wear gear to keep the ladies down.

The point that I'd like to make is, that no one in this Vanilla Nerd-sentrick forum was really concerned about the action of being naked…but was more concerned on the bouncing of bits as you bounce around. Which I found both funny and kind of cool. Now, I am certain there are many of us here who do exercise nude. I love it. I don't have to pull off sweaty work out clothes, I just have to go from my home gym into my shower and then relax.

For those nudists who enjoy exercising nude…how do you keep your bits protected or keep them from bouncing around?

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  1. An unfortunate situation that you experienced at that gym Mike. At the risk of hijacking this thread for a moment, I would like to mention that I have experienced similar sentiment in regard to communal dining and food service at presumably naturist functions from some of the participants, even at some well known resorts. If possible contamination of the food being served is at issue, I would challenge persons who harbor such concerns to prove to me that naked human skin when it has been exposed to free air circulation for several hours is anywhere near as contaminated as a typical swatch of sweaty textile. Of course microbes are everywhere, including the surface of our skins, but think for a moment, what a fertile petry dish a typical garment that has been lived in by a swealtering human body for several hours represents. I will take my chances with skin over rags anytime. Just another example of an irrational fear of nudity that we all confront daily within our communities.

  2. This topic reminds me of a rather unpleasant experience I had at Club Orient. The resort has a very nice fitness center and, like everyplace else on the resort grounds, "clothing optional" is the rule. I was visiting there back in 2008 and used their gym everyday, always nude. Keep in mind that I always had a towel between my skin and any equipment and when I was done with a piece, I sprayed a disinfectant and wiped it clean. Also, I do not sweat heavily, and I never "drip." One day a man entered wearing workout clothing and when he saw me he exclaimed "This is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen, you are spreading disease like Hepititis C all over this place." With that he stormed out. I was too taken aback to say anything in reply. A woman using the treadmill (clothed) was shocked as well and said that she didn't see any problem. I stayed nude (no clothes to put on, anyway) and finished my workout. A few days later this same guy came back, but turned around when he saw me through the door. So I got some satisfaction knowing that he saw that I was not intimidated by him. In hindsight, I wish I had told the guy that if he was disgusted by the human body, he shouldn't be visiting a nudist resort. I probably should have complained to management about this guy. Really, what the hell was he doing there, anyway? In any case, it did bother me at the time, but not so much that he ruined my trip to a fantastic nudist resort. Also, I believe he was wrong about the spread of disease by casual contact with another person's sweat or body oils. In particular, I understand that Hep C is spread through blood or sexual contact almost exclusively.

  3. Since my motivation to put forth the effort and work out is stronger when I am in a group of others doing the same, I enjoy working out in a commercial gym. Also the selection of free weights and treadmills there is superior to anything that I could amass at home. Alas, I have not found such a gym near me that permits nudity. I have however not encountered any social difficulty doing my routine in the presence of others in a near nude state. I wear only my Running Kilt (a very brief garment that my wife jokingly refers to as my miniskirt — and a tank top so as to comply with their requirements for cover. Needless to say, my "bits" as you say Martin enjoy no further support than what they have been endowed with by my natural anatomy. I also jog, climb, hike etc either in the nude or wearing said running kilt or one of my many other kilts, I have for many years. Pants and any other type of constricting garment have pretty much disappeared from my day to day wardrobe. I am happy to report that after years of such "abuse" nothing is worn and everything under my kilts works just fine.

  4. I recall a SF novel (probably Robert Heinlein) where people exercised in a weightless environment. The men wore jock straps and the women boob tubes and that was all.

    With earth gravity I cannot see any problems with nude exercising. We evolved to live nude and any natural exercise should not damage our floppy bits.

    Most of my exercise is walking, running, swimming or cycling. I never wear restrictive or supportive clothing and have never felt 'jiggled' except when running in trainers with a bad style. Since I started running barefoot and learned to do so properly I have no problem there either.

  5. Based on my experience, I don't see a safety issue. My home gym consists of a Universal type weight machine, a bench, a few free weights, and a stair stepper for aerobics. I have had this setup now for about 13 years and I use some part of it almost every day-never, ever wearing clothes and I have never had an injury. Of course, any time there are weights, cables, and pulleys, some body part could get caught and injured, but I think a finger or toe is a hell of a lot more vulnerable than a penis or scrotum. The Stairmaster does result in some swinging to and fro, which isn't objectionable. I can see why a woman may need to wear a jog bra on a stair machine, however. Like just about anything in life, it just seems better to be done nude!

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