Swimwear? Where?

When I was around 14 years old my mother took me & my sister (16) on a camping week break into the countryside. Fortunately the weather stayed very good for the entire week apart from one night of almost constant rain! We were able to be naked and go 'hunting' through the wooded copse (mainly for vegetation!) and we felt as if we were some kind of great historical explorers from history. Even mother joined in sometimes & we would pretend that each small creature or insect that we found was being discovered for a first time. We would even give these 'things' new names that everyone would use in the future. (That was the power of imagination!).
On one such adventure all three of us roamed naked at least 3 miles from our camper van until we came to a small lake that we hadn't seen before. It was then great fun to wade out into the water to see how far we could safely venture without a need to swim, (none of us could swim!). We knew that the heat of the sun would dry us. All 3 of us 'frolicked' in the water and around the edge of the lake. We set off back towards the 'van and then met up with a young couple out walking their dog! For a few seconds (which seemed like many minutes!) there was a still silence, then the man said to my mother, "I see you have tried the lake, did you leave your swimwear to dry somewhere?" My mum laughed and so did we, she replied, "No, we don't have swimwear, we don't have clothes with us, they are back in our camper, we prefer nakedness to enjoy life better." Another silence affected the couple although we 3 laughed and showed that we were comfortable in our natural state. Then the female replied, "Well you are brave, I think it takes strong hearted people to accept their own nakedness in public, well done, maybe one day we'll try that!"
As they walked onwards away from us her partner looked puzzled, I don't know to this day if it was her words had stunned him or if the sight of a mother with 2 teenagers naked had fused his thought process!

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