what do you say to a naked lady?

Many, many years ago, Alan Funt of “Candid Camera” fame, put his brand of pranking to a new level. He made a movie that had several unsuspecting victims involved in situations with a naked woman present. Similar to the naked pizza delivery challenge, it played on the uncomfortable feelings of textiles when confronted with a bare. Of course many 12 year old boys wish for these kind of situations, and I admit I was one of them. Now that I am nearly 60, I do know how to handle the situation. The big however is what about the pizza guy? This question comes up from time to time, how do you answer the door if you’re a full time nudist?

There was a clothing optional apartment complex in Austin, Texas that had complaints due to residents not wearing anything when they went to get the mail. Seems that the mailman was not happy seeing the naked residents. They ended up having to be clothed when they retrieved their mail. So, was he right?

We worry about beaches being restricted and areas that had been clothes optional becoming textile only. We want top freedom, we want legal rights, but as long as nude is equated with sex, prudes win the day.

So, what can we do about to it? Look at the local laws. Know your rights. Stay adult and respectful. Their game is to show how rude and lewd nude people can be, so don’t show that to them. Think about the long game. Protest when necessary, and attend those town hall meetings. Be out if you can. If someone can’t be out about being a nudist, don’t you dare out them. Jobs and family may be at stake. And that last bit is all the more reason to fight for legalized nudity. Child protection services could be called if someone has negative feelings about adult nudity around children.

Nudity has been used for protest, titillation and for advertising. It has a long history of being connected to sex, and wishing it wasn’t so won’t change that. Educatimg the masses and being reasonable will.

So, what do you say to a naked lady? How about, nice to meet you, my name is….

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  1. I live in Texas. Texas is Red. There are several nudist resorts that I visit and only one public nudity allowed lake-front park where my kids are not allowed. I’m no ‘adonis’ and have no interest in ‘showing off’. I’m just your average nekkid guy. I’ve come to the conclusion that if I ever want to be able to wander my yard doing ‘home-body’ things like sunning, swimming, tending to my animals and gardening while nude, I’m going to need an eight foot tall fence. That back neighbor with the two story house is going to create a problem. I can’t build a sixteen foot tall fence.

  2. I have answered the door naked for mail and package deliveries. We have a mail box down by the road but for big packages the mail person often comes to the door. She acts normally handing a package to a naked man, and next time she leaves a note in the box so I have to go into town to get my package. Five years later we got a new mail lady. Same story. Fedex and UPS have gentlemen drivers. They have not complained but they now quickly leave the package by my door without knocking.

    In summer I often walk across the public road to get my mail from the mail box. Last summer a neighbor came and said his teen daughter had seen me getting my mail. Oh the horror. I’m sure his daughter was ruined for life, or he must have thought so.

    I fully agree about protesting at city hall and elsewhere. There is no compelling public interest sufficient to justify legal punishment of naked people. Nobody is being harmed. Someone’s butthurt doesn’t count as harm.

  3. We usually answer the door naked, unless we’re dressed ready to go out. Lisa does the same at our house and 90% of our friends & neighbours don’t voice any objection. Lisa had got dressed to go with us to the supermarket, when someone rang the doorbell Lisa answered, there was a few seconds delay after Lisa had said ‘Hi Mark’ before we heard Mark’s reply… “Oh yes.. I didn’t know it was you, you’re different when you put clothes on!” He laughed later and apologised for staring open mouthed at Lisa fully dressed .

  4. A few years ago I Was working outside a house when a tradesman went to the front door and knocked, it was answered by the lady of the house who flung open the door wearing a only a dressing gown which was open and displaying all of her attributes, the door was quickly shut and the poor man was left standing on the doorstep stunned, he did get to go in and fix whatever it was , I said to him when he was going back to his van, it must be one of those days, we both laughed , she seemingly was expecting someone else who when they turned up asked where the hell he had been. Such is life!

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