Nocturnal Free Hike I was alone and naked in the dark. Only the stars were seeing me. I just felt close to God. ... Read more
What's in a title? I decided to take the name Naked Environmentalist and use it not only for my group but also as my… ... Read more
Sexual harassment – a female only issue? We hear a lot about sexual harassment of women. There is also sexual harassment going on towards men, believe it… ... Read more
beautiful view of the valley End of the Summer? Yesterday was very nice and hot day, and they was saying, that cold days will come. I had free afternoon,… ... Read more
Religion (again) I have commented previously how much it slays me to see people grapple with their religious beliefs. I suspect the… ... Read more
Do animals prefer people without clothes or footwear? A recent thread on another forum I subscribe to the 'Society for Barefoot Living' discussed the response of animals, domestic… ... Read more
Does nudity really matter? Of what matter should one's state of attire be to anyone, whether nudist or textile? OK, being a Bostonian, I'm… ... Read more
Finally a sunny dry day Seattle is not known for winter sun.  But, this year has been exceptionally bad - rain every day between December… ... Read more
Montreal needs an Official ‘Urban Naked Zone’ | The Naturist Page I was sitting here sipping my coffee looking out the window trying to think of a place next week to… ... Read more

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