Life Drawing

After feeling inspired by my children’s artistic efforts in an art class we recently enrolled them in, I decided to join the adult life drawing class. I wouldn’t consider myself

Gone.. ?

On 19th October 2015 my lovely nephew Keith passed away. 13 months after realising he had a tumour on his right temple and getting emergency surgery, through many long months

Are You Real?

99.9% of all naturists I have met in more than 60 years (in the real world NOT on-line)of enjoying a natural unclothed living, when & where possible, have said they

Contextual Nakedness

I’ve recently been reading some academic papers and research on social attitudes toward nudity over the last century. Some of the interesting background material highlights the contradictory nature of the

Naked Rights

I have to say I’m in great admiration of Urban Nudists including Steve Gough for challenging people’s comfort zone where applicable. “Hey man, it's just a dick” nicely sums up

New Report