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The Tora Coastal Walk, ( along with several others of a similar type throughout New Zealand, was established by farmers as a means of supplementing their farm incomes. These walks have over-night accommodation and food provided. On the Tora Walk trampers’ personal belongings are transported from one stop-over to the next by the rural mail … Read more

Product review – indispensible camera clamp

Motivated by Ernest’s excellent Monopod review I’d like to provide a short review of the device I commonly use. For stabilizing my compact digital camera I find the camera-clamp from Langhans Konstruktion GMBH the perfect solution. The camera thread, which fits all standard tripod mounts, swivels cleverly within the jaws of the clamp. Combined with … Read more

The FEAR of allegations of sexism, racism, etc. as group control

I have a great little book here, on the subject of “Come Hell or High Water, a handbook on collective process gone awry”. It covers a multitude of situations where multiple people come together with a common interest, and their dream of working together smoothly breaks down somewhere along the way. Essentially, the reasons are … Read more

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