Body Acceptance

Many people are at odds with what their body looks like. It may be their bodies in general, or certain body parts. They are grateful nudity is generally considered shameful


As we grow older our bodies change. We get a bit thicker around the middle, parts of our bodies begin to sag. Age spots may appear on our skin. Some

New Beer

Friday night our friends invited my wife and I over to their home. My friend Tony was letting us try his new Double Pale Ale. It was awesome. My wife


It strikes me as somewhat curious that when a particularly attractive female posts photos of themselves there seems to be a flow of gushing compliments about how beautiful they are,

Being Naked book review

I just finished reading Being Naked by Sally Dali which is a short pleasant autobiography available from Amazon books ( I enjoyed the simple easy style that the author had

My own fiction attempts

As well as reading and reviewing novels I am trying my hand at writing one. A future world sci-fi fantasy about a society where clothing is the exception rather than

Our Skin

If you ask someone what he or she feels is REALLY important in life, then typically you get mostly answers like love, being happy and healthy. That the first two

New Report