Light is a stream Light is a stream of energy that allow knowledge. Through the eyes, it goes to the brain and brings messages… ... Read more
Conducir desnuda en una trampa de velocidad de la policía Yo parado el motor como el policia se acercó mi coche. El preguntado para mi papelles de conducir, vehiculo, etc.… ... Read more
Senderismo Desnudo Europeo (Naked European Walking Tour) El dia empezó con suficiente luz, y somos continuada tener buena suerte con el tiempo. Empezabamós ir arriba la colina… ... Read more
Reflections Reflection is a word with multiple meanings. And just the reflection of the trees and me on the path flooded… ... Read more
Get off the man made trails Been out for a few months now, and I find people are into comfort. I've gone off on small, animal… ... Read more
The Healthy Embrace Of Nature Last weekend, I was blessed with the opportunity to hike and explore along the Stillaguamish River, near Arlington, Washington. It… ... Read more
Acanthus mollis Going out for a walk this morning, I was struck by these two acanthus bushes, almost sentinels to a Cluniac… ... Read more
Just gonna walk until I stop Spending too much time online, too much drama.  Going to walk deeper into the woods, make it harder for me… ... Read more

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