First and last snow Today February 15, is the patronal feast day of Brescia. Faustino and Giovita, warrior saints from the second century AD,… ... Read more
Do I Know You? My wife has recently been through a course of treatment at our medical centre which involved 4 separate visits. The… ... Read more
Hazelnut catkins It's the 1st of February, and spring is suddenly here. The sun is warm, the air is fresh, and a… ... Read more
Self tanning? As I was applying  a dollop or squirt of the tanning solution I began to wonder if others did the… ... Read more
Me and the fog Mixing two excellent readings from my student days: Gorilla in the Mist and The Naked Ape. I am not a… ... Read more
More moors After a rough nights sleep, I decided to go to Chapel Town, near Delph reservoir. It's only a small moor,… ... Read more
The Magic of Light What is the light that makes me transparent that illuminates everything I know that it goes through even the stone… ... Read more

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