The quiet man ! I have seen kindness from an unexpected person that has restored my faith in my fellow man. My wife has… ... Read more
Covid nights During the confinement, no chance to be caught. The ailanthus tree is half-naked ... Read more
Nocturnal Free Hike I was alone and naked in the dark. Only the stars were seeing me. I just felt close to God. ... Read more
Activists and Naturists… I mentioned Gough¬† many years ago on this site.¬† Does anyone here remember Vincent Bethel? and if you do, what… ... Read more
Warm enough in November? May not be warm enough for (me) to swim, but it's warm enough for a paddle! Both Polly and I… ... Read more
Naturist Symbol You might have heard about it on other social media, this symbol was chosen as the Naturist Symbol. It is… ... Read more
Naked hiking in Tarragona in November November in Tarragona, a place famous for extremely strong winds which will keep even the hardiest off the peaks. Well,… ... Read more
What my eyes see What my eyes see goes to form my mood. Faced with something harmonious, it also harmonizes my spirit. Without conceptual… ... Read more
Red maples and a hackberry tree The landscape of the countryside that I see when I go for a short walk is now familiar. But sometimes… ... Read more

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