Normal couple living a nudist dream Hello everyone, we are Andrea and Mark, just your normal average married mid 50s couple, with grown up kids all… ... Read more
My Naturist Activities for 2021 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone. I recently posted a write up about my naturist activities in 2021. If… ... Read more
The old cherry tree A few days ago, I took this photograph of myself. I just liked it. Now that Christmas and the New… ... Read more
Things have disappeared….! Hi all I had lots of pictures and friends on this site....but they've disappeared...!! Anyone got any idea's as to… ... Read more
Communiqué du Mouvement Naturiste Vous trouverez ci-joint le dernier communiqué de presse du Mouvement Naturiste à propos de l'affaire Peter Misch, le naturiste du… ... Read more
Our season is not over It was nice day for walk today. No wind and a little sun that occasionally peeked out. The walk lasted… ... Read more
A red carpet made especially for me? Nature rewards me: it's true, it's just a little play of mine, things that come to me. I can't read… ... Read more
Everything’s gold In autumn, everything is golden. The light that filters through the leaves is a joy to the eyes. The vines,… ... Read more

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