Vitamin-D Beautiful days to get out and soak up the sun (and vitamin-D) while walking: it's nature's pharmacy in covid-19 time.… ... Read more
My introduction to nudism Having born and brought up in India, I was raised in a non-nudist family and I first heard the term… ... Read more
Part 2 of my boring life – therapy log Funny how as a little, running around naked is cute and normal. No one cares. Then, mom gets a b/f,… ... Read more
Are we made of light? Today in Italy, we celebrate the feast of Liberation from Fascism. From the struggle of the Resistance was born our… ... Read more
Some tidbits of info about me, pretty boring. Just your basic Cali girl, my work is a bit different. SomeĀ  people have negative feelings towards it, but that's… ... Read more
Teofilo Folengo I am reading the exhilarating poem "Baldus" by Theophilus Folengo, first published in 1517. It describes the picaresque adventures of… ... Read more
In anticipation for warm weather A little early in the morning, but enjoying some nude time in the office at home in anticipation for warmer… ... Read more

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