About me. My name is Artyom. I am 37 years old. I'm from Russia.  Once as a teenager, I completely undressed on… ... Read more
Van Tan Club and Sol Sante Club Visits I had the pleasure to visit both clubs and have written about my experiences there and posted pictures. If you'd… ... Read more
Nudity is beyond reproach Nudity is beyond reproach This morning I saw a young lady in a flashy dress, with a lot of make-up,… ... Read more
Osmosis of difference – 2 As animals, we are very different from plants. Yet we love the green expanses of meadows, the great forests of… ... Read more
beautiful view of the valley End of the Summer? Yesterday was very nice and hot day, and they was saying, that cold days will come. I had free afternoon,… ... Read more
Osmosis of difference I was struck by this scene on the way out this morning. I've walked past it a thousand times: the… ... Read more
Mostly Naked Beach Trip 2021 – Corpus Christi Texas It was almost the end of July and I’ve gone nowhere so far. It was time for a beach trip!!… ... Read more

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