Need Support

Our country is very conservative and politicians fear that if they legalize nudist beaches they will loose votes. We need to put pressure on the local government. Please visit our

50 plus

As a 50+ woman who no longer has the pert breasts, flat tummy and smooth skin, is it any wonder that I don't post naked photos of myself. Is it

Topless in New York They say: «Making reading sexy». That is what I DON'T look for in a book.

Getting Home

There is nothing better, after a long, hot hard day at work than to strip off naked at home with my wife and relax with a cold beer.

A new naturist-law in Abruzzi

Abruzzi (central-eastern Italy) have a new law on naturism, innovative and open-minded: «Naturism… is a healthy, natural and educational mode of life» (Art. 3.1) See more (text in italian);…