Lake Monteynard, an hour’s drive from my home, is my favourite spot for kayaking. The central part of the lake is mostly used by windsurfers and kitesurfers but the two branches at the extremity are wild spaces of meanders between the cliffs. A timeless world where nudity is perfectly natural. 2+

Place mimesis

If it is true that we are permeable to the places where we live or pass or look, that there is something we can name place-mimesis. Seeing this photograph it can only be true. And I remember how I felt. And everything happens even unconsciously. In the same way, as you absorb the birdsong (as … Read more

Ten suggestions for improving nudism/naturism in Cantarriján and everywhere!

The following post was written by the naked and active folk who frequent the Cantarriján beach in Granada, Spain. Although there is some natural focus on their beach, the suggestions are generic and can be applied almost everywhere. There is a strong synergy with the Naktiv ideal to “come out naked!” which I especially like. … Read more

Happy Dragon Boat Festival Day

Happy Dragon Boat Festival! It’s the day we eat dumplings made of rice and pork. It’s not as famous as Christmas but it’s older. It’s observed on a different day every year because it follows a different calendar. 0

Seven Little Crosses Pass

Yesterday I made a long hike on the mountains of the left side of Valle Camonica up to Passo delle Sette Crocette (N 45°50’50” E 10°19’14”). Great weather! The refuges are all closed due to the pandemic. I haven’t met anyone—few some hikers at the pass, but coming from other directions. So I was able … Read more

State of grace

Back home, I was looking at myself in this picture; but immediately distracted by the bright, backlit green of the horsetail. We probably also have a kind of chlorophyll that transforms light into energy and health. I can only adore this wonder: I feel in me an intimate sense of belonging, of continuity with nature. … Read more

Winter swimming

Friends and how do you feel about winter swimming? I understand that this is summer . But I would like to know if there are people on the site who like me practice this. 1+


I used to scoff at ebooks. Now I swear by them. Believe it or not; I’m holding on to a few hundred books. The book I’m reading has almost 2000 pages. I was hoping to read in the sun but 15 mins after I took this pic, it poured. 1+

10 June 2020

Last night I was told my flight in July was cancelled. If I can’t go hiking in Germany and Austria, there’s always the tropical jungles I can hike in. <src img=”https://i.imgur.com/nai5oHL.jpg”> 0

Nude Brush Cutting

Sunday June 7th, 2020. I spent the day on my property brush cutting the road up to my secluded area. Once I was away from public view I stripped down and enjoyed the cool breeze flowing over my skin. With nothing on but shoes, gloves and head protection (face and ear) I started up the … Read more

Prohibited fruit

The use of the mask, consciously or unconsciously, is changing the way we see, our reactions and the very image we have of other people and the world. The face has become a forbidden fruit, accessible if you have the password to unlock the barcode. Now that we no longer have the chance to see … Read more

The happy couple

I have passed by this meadow a thousand times, a thousand times I saw these two poplars, but only a few days ago I noticed that they were a “happy couple”. If you notice, there is no branch in the middle, as each of the two trees was respectful of the other and did not … Read more