Light sees me naked

Someone had a hand in synchronising the rising of the sun and my presence. Okham’s razor advises me to go no further in hypothesising presences and powers. But it is enough to have grasped the moment, stage of an unplanned path, and a step ahead of me. The light sees me naked, natural and real: … Read more

November Golden Light

Enveloped in a sphere of golden light, I feel it invade me, a vital light, a light for all creatures. With our thoughts, we would like to ascend to the heavens to give thanks for this wonder. This light makes us better, aware, attentive… perhaps even devout. Awareness is knowing that we share the same … Read more

Golden poplar

If we like the colour gold, it may mean we recognize that light in us. If we like blue, we may recognize the same sky. If we like green, we may participate in the same nature as the meadow. If we like the whole set of colours, we may share the same life and awareness … Read more

Victoria creeper

At 7:30 a.m., the sun has just risen, its grazing light illuminating what lies before it. Nature is full of gratitude for this and the daily wind. We only appreciate it when we have time to go outside. However, a straight line reaches us too: my nakedness expresses my total gratitude as a son, stripped … Read more

Top Crime Novel Writers | WowEssays Review

The suspense genre, thriller or detectives, He has always had a large number of followers. We can see it on television with series ranging from a housewife who solves crimes even a doctor with a terrible mood who must find the diagnosis of his patient. But before all these audiovisual productions, the crime novel writers … Read more

Storm damages

After the storm, nature looks like Venus emerging from the bath. The meadows smell dew at dawn, and the sun sends its first down rays on the earth. I am already awake and alive to the present, even today: what is more important, what is more valuable, where to look for something better than to … Read more

Город Зеро, Gorod Zero

I want to point you to a Soviet film (1988 !!!: Город Зеро, Gorod Zero ), sometimes called Zero City or Zero Town, directed by Karen Šahnazarov) about an absurd affair; a businessman travels to a small town where the strangest things happen to him. One of them is to find a company director’s secretary … Read more


Yesterday was the annual party at the Bivacco Marino Bassi bivouac in the mountains of the Camonica Valley (N45°51’42.18 E10°17’54.11). You can get there in various ways, but always a two-and-a-half-hour walk. (The priest who was to celebrate mass arrived from the sky – by helicopter). There were about 200 people there. I go there … Read more

A Sad Farewell.

I apologise for my lack of use of this site in recent months. We have had quite a lot of illness to cope with in this ‘new year’. Sadly it has taken a tragic turn,  my wife sadly passed away last Sunday evening, (28-5-2023). She had developed pneumonia and then had 2 heart attacks quite … Read more

Hiking Naked Without Clothes

We naturists like to say things like “There’s no feeling of freedom quite like being out in nature in our natural condition of nudity!” And that’s the truth. But the naked truth of the matter is that there is an even greater sense of freedom than we often experience in nature. Typically, when we’re naked … Read more

An old cherry tree

I heard the affectionate call of this old cherry tree. It tried hard to make itself beautiful, to tell me that it exists and now offers its beauty and, later, its fruits. Picking the fruit is not theft. Free, always free, everything free. It is a great gift that nature gives us because we, too, … Read more


This plum tree has not gone unnoticed: the glory of the flowers and the light is a spontaneous call, like breathing. I inhale the fragrant draughts in my lungs: I know it is good for me, I try to touch the white flowers, like something familiar: “We are such stuff | As dreams are made … Read more

The Road Less Travelled

An interesting post that I found recently: A Case for Social Nudity — By John Figleaf “The Road Less Traveled” has been used as titles for both songs and books. The meaning behind it is rather obvious—going places most people don’t go. There can be a lot of valid reasons a “road” is less traveled. … Read more

A quiet evening trio.

We had a fairly quiet Christmas Eve & Christmas Day really, we had our niece Lisa to stay over, her son & husband were both feeling ill with some virus infection. Lisa was quite well & very brightly happy & looking forward to our evening of tv films, mince pies and brandy sauce. We got … Read more

Laundry Day

During summer the need for laundry days are limited. But now, during winter and working period, it’s of course needed from time to time. Today I booked the laundry room in my house of flats, with two efficient machines. So why not wash also the clothes I was wearing on my way to the laundry … Read more

Tangled in the Light

Tangled in the Light. Surprisingly “tangled” and “entanglement” look very close. Now I understand why this place attracted me: because I wanted to be there = to fill in there. Setting myself in my nakedness, poverty, and essentiality, without weapons because there is no fight with no one because I feel invulnerable.

Reactions, louder than words?

I wonder what reactions people have had when they tell someone “I am a naturist”?  There must surely have been some very funny reactions and some, I guess, of just open-mouthed amazement! Maybe some folk didn’t really understand the word ‘naturist’ or whichever word you used. We have had various reactions from ‘oh yes, well … Read more

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