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My Naturist Activities for 2021

December 25, 2021 in Lifestyle, Naktiv

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone.

I recently posted a write up about my naturist activities in 2021. If you’d like you can read about them here at I had a really great time this year with lots of opportunities to be with like minded people.

by Kevin

Van Tan Club and Sol Sante Club Visits

August 29, 2021 in Naktiv

I had the pleasure to visit both clubs and have written about my experiences there and posted pictures. If you’d like to read about it or see the pictures you can here

by Kevin

Naked Camping, Hiking and Driving

July 29, 2021 in Lifestyle, Naktiv

I recently went camping with family. My plan was to go solo camping after for a few days and take in a hike – free style. It’s surprising how much I was looking forward to free hiking in the wilderness and naked camping!

So on Sunday family and I parted ways and I headed off to my new adventure. I didn’t realize it till I was camping but this is the first time I have ever camped solo! I arrived at Hambone Lake campsiteHambone Lake campsite which is located in the central interior of British Columbia to find one of four sites occupied. I stopped by and chatted with the other people and learned they were packing up and heading out. So, that meant I’d have the whole site and lake to myself – till someone else showed up that is.

After they left while I was still setting up my camp I stripped down and sprayed Deep Woods Off on me to keep the bugs at bay. After pitching my huge tent I made dinner and sat under my tarp waiting for the inevitable rain shower to come in. Boy did it ever! I ended up retreating to the comfort of my sleeping bag to keep warm while the thunderstorm continued all around me. But before it rained I went skinny dipping in Hambone Lake.

Shows me coming out of the water nude. Hambone Lake

As I was getting out someone drove into the recreation site. As I was wrapping a towel around me there was no doubt in my mind that there was no doubt in their minds as to what I was doing. They stopped and we chatted for a bit before they headed back out and I went for dinner at my camp site and to await the inevitable rain.

Before leaving to camp I had a chance to check weather forecasts for the area and learned that it would rain the first and second day of my trip.

Shows a naturist setting up a picnic table Outdoor Kitchen

Then it would be sunny for my planned hike and departure the day following. So, I pretty much hid in my tent when the rain, wind and cold was to much to be outside naked as I refused to “dress” for comfort. I did relent and wear a thin white long sleeve shirt which oddly enough made me feel warm enough.

The following day it rained for about three hours in the morning then the sun came out to play. I relaxed and took it easy because I knew more rain was coming. So, I sat in the few bits of sunny area I could while staying near or under my tarp.

Naturist sitting in chair by a tent Warming in the Sun

Finally, the next morning after much rest and relaxation I got the forcasted sunshine. I got up at eight in the morning, had my oatmeal breakfast (gotta stay regular!) and headed out to find the trail I’d be hiking that day.

Upon arrival at the Tacheeda Lakes Lookout trailTacheeda Lakes Lookout trail it was obvious that I was the only one there (it’s an in and back out trail). So I put my shorts into my backpack and grabbed my camera and pack. Just as I was about to step out of my vehicle naked and a truck pulled up then right in front of me. They backed up and parked near me so I had a choice – own it or struggle to put my shorts on before they notice anything.

The debate raged on in my head for a bit but owning it won out. I stepped out the car, slung my pack over my shoulder and headed for the trail. As I mounted the short hillside to get to the trail it turned around and I could one of the three guys staring at me. I had my red baseball cap, white long sleeve shirt, backpack and running shoes on and nothing else.

It looked like they were going to take the trail too, so I hurried myself up to make sure I stayed well ahead of them. They were after all there to clear dead fall from the trail. What other reason would they have for getting chainsaw, gas and safety equipment out?

Well ahead in my lead to the top, I had to climb over and crawl under a lot of dead fall along the trail. Finally, getting a view through the trees of a nearby lake, I stopped to take a picture. By then I’d been hiking at least an hour on my own and was wearing nothing but the shoes, hat and back pack. Suddenly I noticed movement to my right…

I don’t know how he did it carrying that chainsaw and wearing all that safety gear but there was one of the three guys! After I expressed my surprise I assured him I’d try to stay further up ahead. He didn’t seem to mind that I was naked, in the wilderness…

Moving along faster I could hear the chainsaw and kept moving to try and out pace them. Who needs issues when you’re naked in the forest anyways!

Shows a naturist posing on a trail Hiking

Some time after I took the trail selfie I found that I’d lost my phone. This was no good as I’d have to back track to find it – it has my map! So, begrudgingly I trekked backwards to the guys clearing the trail hopping that I’d find my phone before I had to face them. As luck had it, they found the phone and brought it with them to give to me when I got to them… Own it I thought again. I’m not doing anything wrong here. They apparently didn’t think so either as not one of them said anything about my dress code but all three of them had great big smiles as I went to each one asking if they had found my phone.

With my phone in hand (this time physically holding it the rest of the way in and out) I headed back up the mountain side to my final goal.

A naturist taking a picture Fire Lookout Tower

The hike up for this view was totally worth it. More so by the fact that I did it naked and unashamed. About hundred feet away from this tower is a platform which I stopped at to let my feet dry out.

A naturist laying on a platform with a view Platform with a view

After resting up on the platform and having a bite to eat I started my hike back down. I never had any problems going up but for some reason I kept slipping on the way down. I guess my soaking wet runners aren’t the best hiking shoes to go out with. 🙂

I had a grand time camping naked, hiking naked and driving naked on the forest service roads. I even enjoyed the solitude of camping by myself.

by Kevin

Wells Grey Provincial Park – Free Hiking

September 14, 2020 in Naktiv

I recently had the oportunity to go free hiking in Wells Grey Provincial Park, BC, Canada. I went to a water fall lookout called Deception Falls. Access to the water itself was non existant but the lookout provided excellent views.

Anyway, I left early and as it was mid week I expected to be by myself and I was. When I arrived I stripped down and sprayed on some bug spray, grabbed my shorts (just in case someone came upon me) and camera and headed up to the falls.

The hike was enjoyable, not just because I was naked but the weather was perfect. It wasn’t to hot and it wasn’t to cold. No one showed up along the way in or out.

Nude hiker Free Hiking

Later on as I was headed back to my campsite I saw a trail for Canim River and decided I had time to investigate that as well. Again I was alone and thought I’d head in but remained clothed. Once I was in far enough I found a side trail down to the river and investigated it.

I was lucky enough to find a bit of a rocky shoreline and the water wasn’t to cold. In fact it was wonderful!

Naked baither in a river Naked and refreshed

At one point I thought I heard voices but no one showed up.

I spent about a half hour in the water then got out and picked up my shorts and camera and began heading back. Still nude I watched for other hikers. Imagine my suprise when I finally got to the trail head and found another vehicle. How could they have missed me? How could I have missed them? Glad I dried off enough to put my shorts on on the way out!

The sound of voices made it’s way through the woods and I soon found the vehicle owners. As they came out the woman asked if I needed a moment, because I was behind my vehicle’s door and from her perspective I could have been nude except for the footware I had on.

After exchanging pleasentries they went their way. I never knew if they saw me nude or not. They were to soon behind me coming out of the forest to have missed me walking nude but they didn’t say anything.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable day.

by Kevin

Nude Brush Cutting

June 11, 2020 in Lifestyle, Naktiv

Sunday June 7th, 2020.

I spent the day on my property brush cutting the road up to my secluded area. Once I was away from public view I stripped down and enjoyed the cool breeze flowing over my skin. With nothing on but shoes, gloves and head protection (face and ear) I started up the gas powered brush cutter once again.

With the noise muffled and the smell carried away, I contued taking care of this seasons wild rose, false solomon seal, pine seedlings, clover, poplar volunteers, weeds and grass now trying to take over the rest of my fair weather road and my trails. Squeezing the handle for full throttle the machine whirled and sliced through the fresh growth like there was nothing there. The odd root protruding from the ground be damned!

With the sun peaking through the rushing clouds the threats of rain were carried away while I worked back and forth in comfort with relative ease. Thanks to Deep Woods Off the bugs were only doing the touch and go landing routine usually reserved for new pilots learning how to land.

The occasional flick of vegitation coming back up to my shins, thighs, genitals, chest and occasionally my face were nothing and quickly forgotten as I pressed on naked and unashamed. Stopping only to refill the tank when the machine sputtered and died I walked back to my truck and retrieved that gas can so I could continue my work. I kept it close by now as I got further from the truck – in the interest of getting things done faster you undersand.

Through this path, around that corner and a little widening here and there I continued through my pathway. Finally, three or four tank refills and all of my path finished I was ready to call it done.

There was even enough sunshine at one point for me to break out the cot and lay in the sun for a little tanning session.

I am thankful for my little patch of earth and that I can be naked there. My only worries are the wildlife that can prey on me. Bears are frequent visitors in this area. Not as frequent as deer or moose. Elk have come through and recently a wolf! Not a bad spot for nature or naturism as its only twenty minutes from home.

Yup. I’m a blessed man. A blessed, naked man.

by Kevin

Topless ladies threatened

May 29, 2020 in News

Meanwhile in BC where it is legal for women to be topless – this happens.

by Kevin

Springs here but damn it’s still cold!

April 28, 2020 in Lifestyle, Naktiv

Last weekend was to cold for me to try to be nude. The property is finally emerging from the snow with only a patches of snow left here and there. The weekends previous though were great temperature wise even with the snow.

Shows a nude male laying on plywood on the snow with snowshoes to the background.
Enjoy the Moment

I really love being nude outdoors. It’s such a pitty that our laws don’t permit it openly. Since this is private property and shielded from public view I’m safe to be here. I could go to a remote area and be nude there but the risk of running into someone that it “ofends” tends to keep me to my own land.

I’m still looking foward to warmer weather here. What about you, can you be free or do you have find places and take risks to be nude?

by Kevin

Spring is here

March 27, 2020 in Lifestyle

Spring is here but winter still has it’s cold grip on us. With only a few days left in  March of 2020 it snowed all day yesterday but today it is gently raining. I’ve been cold all winter and had very little nude time even in my own home so I am really looking forward to some warmer weather.

With COVID-19 making it’s rounds I am working from home like so many other people. Our local government has not yet ordered a lockdown but I’m sure it will be coming soon. In other parts of our country the provinces of Quebec and Ontario or on three and two week lockdown respectivly. At least I can do my job at home and enjoy some form of freedom from clothes.

As I type this on my computer my work one is to my left and I am sitting here dressed only in a sweater to keep warm. At least I can “Donald Duck it” and enjoy some freedom.

What about you, how are you doing in your part of the world – are you getting in your nude time or activity?

by Kevin

Naktiv Improved

January 18, 2020 in Uncategorized

I haven’t blogged here for a while but then Naktiv was offline. I’m happy to see it back and looking forward to warmer weather where I am. It’s been a deep freeze with minus 40 degree weather here (thats the same temperature in Celcius and Fahrenheit). Finally warming up but still to cold to be out naked.

I find myself wanting spring and summer to come along quickly.

Anyways I’m happy to see Naktiv back online again. Keep up the good work admins!

by Kevin

Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park – Pictures

June 21, 2019 in Uncategorized

My trip to Toronto involved going to Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park where I took a lot of pictures of the grounds. I’m happy to share them now here:


by Kevin

Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park

June 2, 2019 in Uncategorized

I went to Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park today. In fact, I just got back to my hotel room, showered and hopped onto my tablet – I realy want to share my experience!

The morning started off dreary and wet so I checked the weather report for the Toronto area and saw that it should be clear skys by around ten am. Not sure what time it opened to visiters at so I checked there website but being a Sunday and the site lacking details for it I decided to wait till after it opened on most days and give them a quick call. After all, I didn’t want to drive on unfamiluar roads to a place I wasn’t sure was open when it was a good fourty five minutes away!

After confirming Sundays hours and what I’d need to bring with me I headed out. Living where I do and starting a naturist lifestyle as late in life as I have, has left me with precious little “public” nude time and even fewer oppoutunities to be socially nude. Which means, this is only my second time in a social setting that I’m getting naked.

Upon arrival I drive up to a gate and press a button for contacting the office. I’m greated kindly and asked if I’m a first time visitor and to please come to the office to register. I did ask, when I called if I could strip in the parking lot and come in to register (to which the answer was “yes”) but I was a little apprehensive about stripping before registering. So I headed inside to get started. Greeted by some nice ladies in their official Bare Oaks uniforms (nude) the application (registration for first timers) was explained and I was asked to sit down and watch a short introduction video.

The video was pretty good and a really great idea to introduce a newby to naturism and the facility. It even had a little humour in it when it came to discussing the no clothes, nudity manditory policy.

Once the neccesities where out of the way I headed back to vehicle to deposit my clothes. Now, I had no reservations stripping in “public” in this private nature park. A quick spray of deep woods off and a gathering of things I’d need for the day and I headed on “in” to the park.

Hmm, is it realy, in, when your outside?

With a chill in the morning air, most people about (not that many) were clothed fully or partially nude. Me? Naked to my feet (they suggested flip flops). Armed with my bag of bug spray, towels, wallet/money, keys, phone and camera – did you hear that? The sound of screaching tires, a record being scratched – Camera? Yes, Bare Oaks allows pictures as long as certain rules are followed. OK, can I get back to it?

Where was I? Oh yes, I was heading in. First I went inside to the office/store and checked out the swag they had and then I wandered outside. The grounds where pretty, green, flowering and full of musical birds flitting about. With the sun shining and  the wind blowing everything looked alive.

I wandered the park and took as many pictures of the facilities as I could as no one seemed to be all that keen to be outside that early in the day. This place is absolutely wonderful. As the day warmed up I continued to wonder around the trails, the lakes, the facilities – it’s superb. I realy didn’t want to leave, but I had to, it was the end of the day.

I managed to meet a number of people, Kim, Paul (and Toby the dog), Glen, Alice (If I remember correctly) and Lucas. Everyone was nice – despite the camera (in case you’re wondering, no. I did not take pictures of people, just the scenery and facilities). While I occasionally wondered why so many people were clothed I never once felt out of place and quickly reminded myself that the wind was chilly. So I couldn’t blame them a bit. Naturist’s, not stupidist’s after all! Hmm, starting to wonder about me now…

I picked some after sun spray as I was leaving, because I clearly got a lot of sun and was turning red. Yes, Sharlet. There may be a Santa Clause, cause I sure got what I asked for today.

I told the staff, I’ll see you next Saturday. Oh, I just realized how that could come accross. Oh well, I mean it any way.

Thank you Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park for admitting lone males. I would not have otherwise had this experience.

by Kevin

Winter Gives Way to Spring

April 9, 2019 in Uncategorized

Ah, winter gives way to spring with the sun’s rays getting warmer and snow melting faster. Regarless, I like getting nude in nature and I had an enjoyable couple of hours in the sun this weekend. There is still snow up to a foot deep in places around the property but there places with bare ground too.

I walked my path without the benefit of snowdhoes. That was going great till the hardened snow top gives way and sends you lurching to regain your balance. As my clearing finally got some direct sun I ventured over and and sat down to take in the cool breeze, warm-ish rays and listen to the birds.

When stepping on frozen snow you realy are lulled into a sense of security. At least till you hear the inevitable “crsssh” sound snow makes when it gives way to your weight.

That is the sound I hear as I was sitting, relaxing in the sun, looking at the trees. Scratch that. Suddenly I am hurled backwards as the rear legs of the chair break through the hardened top layer. Sitting now much like an astronought with my feet to the sky and my head and back on the frozen snow I struggle to right myself.

Once upright again I drive the front legs of the chair down and give thanks for being alone. Lesson learned – recovering from breaking through frozen snow is far easier when you’re upright.

by Kevin

Nude Snowshoeing

December 31, 2018 in Uncategorized

I went nude snowshoeing yesterday. Temperatures barely came above freezing and the wind chill was OK because of the surounding forest. Around 35 cm of new snow over a couple of days providing excellent conditions for it.

I was a little concerned it would be to cold to be nude because it was overcast and still a little snowy.  But I went for it anyway.

It was awesome. I never felt cold – despite feeling the cold. I am looking forward to more nude snowshoeing as the season permits.

by Kevin

Nude Beech

October 1, 2018 in Uncategorized

I had an unexpected chance to visit a nude beech on Friday. It was my first time in a social nude setting. I loved it! If/when I get the chance I’ll go back. In fact I plan to make “chances” where ever I can, when ever I can.

by Kevin

Cabin Work

September 4, 2018 in Uncategorized

On the property today. Weather is definately cooling off. I worked nude anyway. When I got a little to cool from screwing, sawing and measuring I switched over to digging. I still have more stumps to remove.

The high was a mere 14 degrees celcius (thats 57.2 F for the Americans). The bugs are mostly gone but little black flies remain. I had to use bug dope to continue working.

by Kevin

Nude Lookout

August 25, 2018 in Uncategorized

Last weekend I was travelling from south central BC to the central interior. Along the way there is a lookout over Kamloops Lake. I thought I might try for some time of nude lounging above the look if there was no one around. As I got closer I could see people above it so I just keep going. A short distance up the highway I spotted a small pullout and qickly took it.

Getting out of my vehicle I wasnt sure if I could go to the hill side over looking the lake or not. As I approached I could see a way and took it. This led me around some out croppings that shielded me from view.

Stripping there I spent about 45 minutes walking hundreds of feet above the lake with a commanding view. Avoidi g the small cactus that grows in this area and watching out for rattle snakes I had an enjoyable time.

I plane to use this spot again when I travel this route. Only next time I’ll bring a chair and camera to capture some memories (and maybe share).

by Kevin

Nude Day

July 14, 2018 in Uncategorized

I did some driving last week and stopped along the highway. Being in a remote region has advantages. I took a swim in river – it was very cold despite the fact that it was very warm out. Lounging about the riverside nude for about an hour before finding my back to my vehicle. There was no trafic on the highway and seeing no one had parked I just walked nude to my vehicle. Got in headed back on the highway.

A little while later I pulled into another dirt road and went for a nude walk. Again I spent about an hour walking. It was peacefull, sunny and gorgeous. The breeze kept me cool while the sun kept me warm. I even went barefoot as the surface wasnot rocky.

It was a wonderfull day. I look forward to repeating many times again.

by Kevin

Working Nude

June 18, 2018 in Uncategorized

I got out to the property the last couple of days. The first thing I did was to strip off my clothes and cover myself with insect repelent. Sooooooooo many mosquitos! 

Got a little burnt on my back so I tried working with a t-shirt on but I had to take off because it was to hot. Lots of mosquito bites – despite the repelent.

It is so much nicer working nude. I worked more carefully to avoid injurying myself. Another new expeience for me – having to lift my genitlals while climing over boards. It was a strange feeling having them resting on lumber, when you”ve spent your life hiding them.

It feels good to be so free. The bug bites are even worth it! Sweat evaporates and cools you off instead of wetting your clothes and making them stick to you.

Yes. I like working nude. In fact I think I’ll go do some more.

by Kevin

Working Nude in the Forest

May 7, 2018 in Uncategorized

Sunday was another day on our land in the forest. The sun was bright and soon it was hot. Having a good bit of burn on my shoulders an the tops of my but cheeks I decided to work with a open shirt on.

I am so happy that I can rake my forest floor nude. Staying cool or not to hot is easier and lets me get more work done. Soon I’ll have enough cleared to roam about barefoot as weel as nude.

I only wish I tried naturism sooner in life rather than later. Nothing beats laying on a cot in the shade staring at a blue sky while listening to the birds chirping in the trees.

by Kevin

Yard work

May 6, 2018 in Uncategorized

I spent most of the day brush cutting and raking nude. I’ve got a bit of a burn (some what resemble a red lobster). I couldn’t be more thrilled working nude in the forest. Birds singing, flys flying and bees buzzing through.

Drinking lots to make up for the fuid loss of sweating, I realy enjoyed the breeze cooling me down. I never felt hot working in the sun while I was naked. Round two tomorrow.

by Kevin

Weather is a warming…

May 2, 2018 in Uncategorized

I spent much of Monday at our property where I did brush cutting, raking and more brush cutting. After a couple of hours I was hot and thirsty so I sat down in the sun. Drinking some water and having a snack I thought, this is silly – get naked!

After about an hour the sun hid behind constant cloud cover. So I got and raked the next area to get it ready for brush cutting. I raked for an hour and enjoyed the breeze cooling my skin. Despite the hard work (yes raking brush to get the sticks mixed in out of the way is hard work) I enjoyed being in nature.

The warm air, the chirping birds and being naked was awesome.

by Kevin

Snow Tanning

April 25, 2018 in Uncategorized

Monday I spent a couple of hours laying on a cot in 6 inches of snow. It’s melting quickly – finaly. It was warm enough to “bask” in the sun – till a cloud covered it. The rays were still weak so no sun burn.


It was great laying naked and feeling the cool breeze mixed with the warming rays of the sun. I also walked around abit, which was hard in the deeper snow, but easy in dried up spots.

I’m looking forward to more. Come on summer – bring it on!

by Kevin

Snowshoeing Again

April 16, 2018 in Uncategorized

I had the chance to go snowshoeing again today, it was colder than last week but the sun managed to make more of an apperance so that offset the cold. Still alot of snow but not as much, it is melting rapidly.

It was very enjoyable to be naked in nature. While my skin felt the cold I still enjoyed the time outside.

by Kevin

Naked Snowshoeing

April 10, 2018 in Uncategorized

Weather wasn’t great, but favorable enough. I went naked snowshoeing today. It felt great to have the cool air on my skin. I didn’t even shiver at all. My toes got a bit cold in my boots, but that was it.

I might post a picture later in the week.

by Kevin

Nudity, Sex, Genitalia – It’s all bad…

April 7, 2018 in Uncategorized

At least that seemed to be the message I was getting growing up. Fortunately it wasn’t the only message. I also got a subliminal one. One that hinted at sex and nudity being equal and genitals weren’t all that bad after all.

The older I got the more independantly I thought. Till eventually I wanted to be a nudist – but couldn’t. Upbringing played only a minor role in my inability to be clothes free. It was actually marriage that killed it for another 20 years. Not just because of that individual. Soon while our children were still very young we divorced and fought things out in court.

Honestly, it was the stuff that she claimed in court that sent chills to my bones made me steer clear of anything that could even be misconstrude as even vaguely in-appropriate.

My kids are all grown up now. Some have their own kids.

I have a partner that is encouraging me and I am wanting to shed the last of my culteral inhibitions. Others still exist.


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