Memes and Nudity

Modes of social behaviour are governed by memes, i.e. learned ideas and attitudes. A meme is described as "An element of a culture that may be considered to be passed

Something from 2012 in Germany

On my nudist blog at I posted an article about the experiences of a gay German man who was hiking to his home in the nude. It was in

nudist tradesmen

hi to all you folks out there,just a mention about us naturist tradesmen.we undertake jobs in cusomers properties and follow the health and safty guidlines.i find that some customers properties

Mobile Technology for Naturists

Nudist Compass Beta for Android A must for every active naturist. Available from Google Play:- A well designed application which works in conjunction with Google Maps and to

Comfort Zones

Reading Robert's post ( ) about the "Dark Night of the Soul" brought to mind a time when I felt frustrated and boxed in a similar manner to what

Naturist or Nudist?

Words, words words. Useful things words, but they convey different meanings to different people. There are seemingly endless arguments over the words nudist and naturist, nude and naked, ship and

INF Youyh Rally During the very same days as a French group on VivreNu will meet at La Sablière for Aschension Holiday: Vittorio

Wound-healing naturism

Seeing the word wounded in Robert’s post made me think ( ). There are three main reasons to stay shielded from the gaze of others if nude, the risk

Modern Clutter

Has anyone noticed how intrusive modern life is? There are times when I would like to step out and look up at the stars, or just find a quiet spot

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