Anti-social media

We all know that Facebook isn’t the place where naturist topics and images are welcome. More than lots of people I know have been kicked out of there and it’s


I have just finished a cool book from SALLY DALI called BEING NAKED I downloaded it on to my Kindle it was a very interesting book to read if you

were it all started

== Paleolithic history == Because animal skins and vegetable materials decompose readily there is no archeological evidence of when and how clothing developed. However, recent studies of human > suggest

Brian Taylor

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Not a Nudist

I am happily and unapologetically not a nudist. I've never in my life considered myself a nudist, and though I have tried at times to comprehend and understand the nudist

Camping Nude

There is a difference between nude camping and camping nude. To me nude camping suggests a place where you are allowed to camp nude, such as a resort. The focus

Being a Life Model

One of the biggest things on my "bucket list" is to be a life model, not really for a class at college but something more intimate and personal, with either

Fakes Need Not Apply

I joined several years ago in hopes to find friends to meet and hang out with, but it quickly turned into a sexual atmosphere and I quickly removed myself

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