Where we stand

I've been reading with some interest the posts and comments about Naturism, public nudity and where on the bus we should be sitting. Taking a somewhat outside perspective on it,


A discussion in http://martinsworlduk.blogspot.co.uk/ and shared on here, resulted in a long and complex thread about increasing public acceptance of nudity. The most obvious example of this being the WNBR.

Sins against god.

The puritan religious right still consider homosexuals a "sin against god", (ie; they don't like it). The mindless liberal left consider homosexuals a boon to mankind, (ie; it's politically correct

La Repubblica

«La Repubblica» (june 11), a national newspaper, had an article about nude holidays in Italy. No mention of nude hiking, gardening, clothing optional sites, etc. Video: http://video.repubblica.it/rubriche/rnews/rnews-scalise-l-italia-dei-nudisti/131565/130072 Article: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/38832687/Repubblica-Nudisti.pdf Vittorio

3 kilometres is not the world

I just returned from my first naked bike ride. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/d/db/World_naked_bike_ride_6.jpg/320px-World_naked_bike_ride_6.jpg A proper naked bike ride. As the title says it was not the world – unfortunately I could not make

You can't do that!

Earlier today I was picking dry clothes from the drying rack, because even nudists wear clothes at times, which requires washing and drying them. As usual I did that in


I am having one of my days. I feel fine for the most part but feel as though all my efforts are for naught. I figure it is a type

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