Naked European Walking Tour 2007 – Monday This year's Newt team met at the Bad Ischl Bahnhof (train station), a small town nestling at the foot of… ... Read more
Naked hiking in Tarragona province with a friend A short while ago a friend and I went for a hike with my dog Polly in the Tarragona region of… ... Read more
Naked European Walking Tour 2012 – Thursday Thursday July 05. After breakfast, we sat at the hut waiting a short while for the group to come together… ... Read more
Naked hike over a Tarragonan ridge. We set out from the car and had to follow the motorway for a short way on a side trail,… ... Read more
A naked hike over the Vördersberg The alpine sun blazed down as we set off across the bridge over the Rißbach river. I stripped off almost… ... Read more
Brian Johnson Some of you may be familiar with Brian Johnson. He was a motivated naked hiking exponent, regular activist with the… ... Read more

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