Naked European Walking Tour 2011 – Tuesday Tuesday dawned sunny once more, and we were met at the base of the Asitz ski-lift complex in Leogang village… ... Read more
Naked European Walking Tour 2007 – Tuesday The next day we set off along the valley and reached a bridge, under which ran a refreshing looking river… ... Read more
Naked European Walking Tour 2010 – Wednesday Day 3. We woke after a wind blasted night to a calm and beautiful sunrise, the sun rising behind the… ... Read more
Senderismo Desnudo Europeo (Naked European Walking Tour) Martes julio 03. Empezabamos hoy con un equipo más pequeno, porque estaba lloviando. Sandro era cansada, Bruce quirida cocinar, Mira… ... Read more
Naked European Walking Tour 2014 – Tuesday The Tuesday began with us splitting into two groups, with one part taking the cable-car up, with the still recovering… ... Read more
Newt 2013 Wednesday 17 July Wednesday July 17 After the long tour of the day before, we decided on a short tour to follow, so… ... Read more

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