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Naked hiking in Tarragona province with a friend

October 1, 2021 in Lifestyle, Naktiv

A short while ago a friend and I went for a hike with my dog Polly in the Tarragona region of Catalunya, Spain.

It didn’t take long for the heat and the uphill hike and my age and general (un)fitness to start making me sweat. So off come the clothing and onwards and upwards went the boots. While my friend didn’t participate in the nakedness, she definitely participated in the hike, and we had a wonderful day exploring some gentle trails in this wonderful area.

The route went over a ridge, down the other side, then up the valley and back over the ridge again. On the way we skirted a couple of villages and discovered a small spring source of fresh water unexpectedly high up the hill.

All in all, the three of us had a great day, and of course as Arnie said: “Aeil be baeck!”

Naked with textiles on the beach

July 26, 2021 in Lifestyle, Political, Protest

The local beach is usually occupied by textiles of one number or another. There’s a particularly public/family area, near the campsite and the car park, and so I tend to avoid that area. Not far away however, there’s another beach which is less populated and if you’re there early enough it’s possible to have the beach entirely to yourself. As it’s a fairly abandoned beach, dogs are more or less welcome here, which is a must-have for me as Polly can come along too.

It’s quite common for there to be several naturists on the beach, and several dogs and several textile groups. So it’s a great place to mix it up and let naturists see textiles and textiles see naturists and for everyone to just get on with their own thing. There’s no hassle and no hysteria about “them”, usually. It’s a place which is far more about “us” enjoying the beach, each in our own way.

It’s refreshing to see people actively being inclusive instead of exclusive. Very often on naturist beaches you see signs “Naturist”, as a kind of warning (don’t be surprised as you may see naked people here) and also as a statement (you are not welcome here unless you are naked). In my own view, I think any signage is misplaced, and we (as naturists) should be fighting for our rights to be naked on each and every beach at any time. This is already the de-facto case on many beaches in Spain for example, although where there are huge numbers of tourist families one does tend to meet the occasional misinformed “you can’t be naked here, I don’t like it so it’s illegal” brigade.

When you are the only naked person in a conglomeration of textiles, then it’s easy for someone to raise an objection to you. Strength in numbers. If the beach has a few scattered naturists distributed along it, then it becomes much harder for any one person to be singled out and bullied off the beach. More importantly, when people see naked folk at the beach on a regular basis, they start to think of it as normal. I urge everybody to push the boundaries of acceptable use, and to make seeing naturists at the beach an everyday thing. Let’s normalize nudity!

It’s our *right* to be naked at the beach!

July 17, 2021 in Lifestyle, Naktiv, Protest

There’s a well written article entitled “the Nudist Resistance” on the CCN website, but I have something to add to it.

I contend that the idea that we need more naturist signs is in principle a bad one. The “gay” movement has *laws* to protect it’s rights. The naturist movement has a few signposts, sometimes. The difference arises from the case that the gays “came out” and protested. The naturist movement needs to come out into the open too. Let’s go to the textile beaches in naturist mode – it’s our right to be naked at the beach, every beach! The textiles come to the naturist beaches, ok, nothing happens if they behave with a little respect. The naturists go to the textile beaches, ok, nothing happens if they also behave with a little respect. It is our world. We need to create the world which we want to have.

It is our *right* to be naked at the beach!

You can read the Castellano version here.

Es nuestra *derecha* ser desnudo a la playa!

July 17, 2021 in Lifestyle, Naktiv, Protest

Bueno escribado el articulo sobre “LA RESISTÈNCIA NUDISTA” de el CCN, pero queiro agregar algo.

Penso es un idea in principio malo que necessitamos más señales para naturismo. El movimiento “gay” tiene *leyes* para su derechos. El movimiento naturismo tiene algo señales (alguna veces). El differencia viene de el caso que los gays “came out” y lo protestaban. El movimiento naturista tiene que viene en el abierto. Vamos a las playas textilos en stilo naturista – es nuestra derecha ser desnudo a la playa, cada playa! Los textilos vienen a las playas naturista, bueno, no pasa di nada con comportamiento con respecto. Las naturistas vienen a las playas textilo, bueno, no pasa di nada con comportamiento con respecto. Es nuestro mondo. Necessitan crear nestro mundo como quieramos.

Es nuestra *derecha* ser desnudo a la playa!

Espero que entiendes mi castellano (no hablo catalá aún). You can also read the English version here.

Brian Johnson

July 8, 2021 in Lifestyle, Naktiv

Some of you may be familiar with Brian Johnson. He was a motivated naked hiking exponent, regular activist with the WNBR and the author of several hiking books across the GRs in the Pyrenees.

He was a member of the NEWT in 2010. Recently in June 2021, while staying in his camper van, and practicing for an orienteering event in the English Lake District at the age of 70 he died, from what was likely heart related causes.

The funeral will be held on the 19th July 2021 in Salisbury and I’ve been asked to mention any contributed funds will go to the RSPB.

Senderismo naturista sobre una cresta Tarragona

June 30, 2021 in Naktiv

Empezamos del coche y giré derecha en la valla. Yo quité me ropas y Polly quedo su pelo. A el cruz de caminos empezamos a subir la empinada cuesta. Eran piedras muy grande sobre nuestra capezas y algo covas protectaba por cespe afilada. Mi asthma me dio mucho dolor por la cuesta era muy empinada. Mi respiración convertio en mucho ruido. Pensé que la ruta no acabará, y eso muy temprano en el dia. Lentamiente hacemos más altitude y las cuestas al otro lado de la valla llegan a nuestra nivel.

Finalmente llegamos a la cresta, y podemos ver alredador a la vista. El mar mediterraneaneo mucho bajo con luz, gris y azul. En todo otro lado, crestas de piedras y cespe afilado quiten cayeron al mar. Quedamos más altura para hacer todavia, pero el piezo más duro era nos detras. El resto del camino continua más facíl y como un serpiente verde sobre la cresta. Nos descendimos a un paso y pruebaba evitar la hierba afilada que crean a esta altura. Quedamos para comer y ver la vista precioso. Polly y yo también nos tuvimos mucho sed y bebimos de nuestra botellas de aqua fresca. Tuvimos buena suerte porque el cielo tuve mucho nuves y el nivel nos protectido contra el sol de verano.

Pasabamos adelante la cresta hasta el cruz de caminos que va por el font en la valla a bajar. El camino convertió más pequeno y finalmente lo pedi. Despues luché contra la hierba afilada con Polly. Un hierba afilada cogé el harness de Polly y otro cortó mi piernas. Un poco sangria corrio los piernas a los sandales. Era un poco peligroso, y llevé las pantalones cortes por un tiempo corto. Finalmente llegamos al font en la valla. Un font de la montaña hizo de piedras con aqua fresca como cristallo. Vimos a las crestas alredador y era muy facíl imaginar que vienen dragonas, a volar entres las acantilados

El aqua fresca nos refresco y hizo más energia para ritornar. Immediamente Polly busco un palo para jugar y yo dijé immediamente “No!” Empezabamos a bajar la valla, en el otro dirección de por la mañana, siguente el rio pequeño que va entre las piedras y crestas seco. La crestas creadan a su proprio altura y nos caminabamos bajar por el coche. Al final, Polly encuentré un charco fangoso por el ultimo refresco. Después por mi volvimos a casa por un tasa de tee refresco!

Tenido un poco ayuda de Google por el tradución y lo se no es perfecto. Si no practicar, no apprendará.. 😉

Si quieres leer, aqui el articulo original en Inglés.

Naked hike over a Tarragonan ridge.

June 28, 2021 in Naktiv

We set out from the car and had to follow the motorway for a short way on a side trail, before we were able to turn off and head up the dry valley. I stripped off and Polly kept her fur coat on. Locating the path junction we started the steep climb out of the valley up onto the ridge above. Huge rocks loomed as we passed a couple of natural caves, guarded by spiky grass. My asthma was giving me trouble as the steepness of the route was making me breathe harder, and I had the thought that the ascent would never end, and this so early in the day. We continued gaining height steadily, at first the high ridges opposite looked far above us but, panting heavily, we slowly began to match them.

Finally we crested the ridge, with some relief and were able to look around and take in the view. The mediterranean now far below glistening grey and blue. On every other side, both grassy and sharp crestellated ridges tumbled toward the sea. We still had more height to gain, but the grunt was over, and the rest of the walk was undulating over the ridge. We descended to a col trying to avoid too many scratches from the spiky grass and sharp bushes which grew across the high and dry landscape. Stopping for a brief brunch and to admire the silent surroundings, we thankfully slaked our thirst from the water bottles. I’d long since given up on finding puddles for Polly to drink from and carried a lightweight and cleverly collapsible rubber water bowl for her. She came over as soon as she saw me pull it from the rucksack, and I had to struggle to get the water bottle open while she tried to lick the dry container impatiently. We were both feeling the heat and the exertion, even though we were lucky with the weather, as there was a layer of overcast clouds keeping the worst of the summer sun off our backs and heads.

We continued along the ridge until we located the path which led down to the spring at the head of the valley below us. The track now became quite faint and we lost it to struggle through the sharp bushes. I had to free Polly from some triffid-like brambles which her harness became tangled in and my lower legs were being cut and scratched at the same time. For this last stretch to the spring I put my shorts back on, as the battle with the sharp undergrowth was becoming a little dangerous… Reaching the spring was a huge relief as we were able to sit down on the stone bench surrounding it and slake our thirsts. The crystal clear mountain spring poured from the stone as a life-preserving oasis amidst the curtain of dry heights surrounding us. Looking up at the serrated ridges above, one could easily imagine a dragon flying out between them, flapping it’s ancient wings, perched perhaps on an outcrop to survey it’s rocky mythereal domain below.

The clear cool water refreshed us and renewed our energies. Polly immediately found a stick for me to throw and looked up hopefully at me. I told her she must be joking and we set off down the valley, following the narrow but easy trail and the remnants of bits of stream, with the ridge of the morning’s hike looking down at us from high above. We snaked our way down, steadily losing height, the ridges surrounding us gaining height as we descended. Finally we reached the bottom of the valley, and a welcome muddy pool for Polly to lie in before the last hot and exhausting stretch up and down the gravel track back to the car. Then home for a refreshing cup of tea!


Polly at the beach

June 18, 2021 in Lifestyle, Naktiv

So Polly seems to be acclimatizing nicely here. When she was a puppy, she wouldn’t even go into a flat lake. She’s gotten so far over her fear of water, that waves don’t phase her now. That ball will be got!

Naked hiking over a local hill in Tarragona

May 30, 2021 in Naktiv

So Polly and I decided to venture up a local hill, which had been bothering me for some time. The first time I’d hiked over the summit, I’d had to go up to a col, directly across and around the back, losing a lot of height, and then steeply up the far side of the hill, to reach the summit. This time I’d resolved to try a bit of route-finding and from the col, head directly up the unmarked ridge instead.

We set off in warm conditions, me rapidly stripping off my clothing as the sweat began to seep through my shirt and shorts. Polly panting up behind me, we made our way past an almost dried up spring, through abandoned olive groves, and reached the col. From here was unknown territory as we wended our way up through some fairly sharp undergrowth heading for up the spine of the ridge. After some time, and not a little scratched shins and calves, we reached the upper part of the ridge. A promising gully seemed too steep at the top, but we entered it any how, me pulling and man-handling the hapless Polly by her body harness, whenever it got a a bit too steep for her.

The head of the gully proved to be too steep and exposed for us to contemplate the last 10-20 metres, so we backtracked down again. This proving more difficult than the ascent, as is usual whenever a little scrambling is involved. Next, having regained a stable piece of ridge, we aimed off to the right and around to the side of the steep cliff above. Now the rocks and brush encouragingly offered odd glimpses of what might have been mistaken for signs of a track. We struck up through the trees and the scree into the dark recess of the top of the second gully.

Above us, a patch of bright blue shone through the shade, suggesting a route to the ridge above. We headed for it and, sure enough, stepped out onto the ridge, the views falling dramatically away in front of us, uninterrupted to the Mediterranean blue far below. Striding easily now through the still sharp bushes, we made our way along the ridge, huge views on all sides. The new route was the perfect alternative to the original, official, path.

We reached the summit and stopped for several photos and a bite to eat. Even though this was a sunny Saturday in May there was not a person in sight. A deep draught of cool water from our bottles was particularly welcome for the both of us, panting in the heat and maybe a little exhaustion. Hiking in Spain is not to be undertaken without sufficient water reserves! Checking the map again we next headed down the ridge sloping away to the south, following the small but easy path alongside it’s crest. We passed a couple of surprised but friendly couples on the trail, with whom we exchanged the customary mountain courtesies of wishing them a fine day.

The descent from the ridge was fairly steep and gravelly and wove past the entrance to several mine entrances. It was a place where it’s very easy to slip unintentionally, and painfully. Without mishap we made it down the slope and entered the realm of olive trees once more. A short diversion up to a local castellet, and then back to the car, where I got dressed again for the drive home. Probably unneccessary at this point, but a little shade from the fierce Spanish sun was actually quite welcome.

I think Polly quite enjoyed the hike too.


Conducir desnuda en una trampa de velocidad de la policía

May 24, 2021 in Lifestyle

Yo parado el motor como el policia se acercó mi coche. El preguntado para mi papelles de conducir, vehiculo, etc. Tengo que estar de pie para coger mi papeles detras del vehiculo en la mochila. Ahora era claro que yo estaba desnudo completo. No vi eso por me estaba concentrando del documentos. Pero más tarde Sandra me digó que uno de las policias empucadó su colega y su cabeza a mi. Su colega miraba en nuestra direción, ella un poco sorpredida ver mi culo desnudo dentro y detras del coche. Ella miró a Sandra, y Sandra le vuelvó un sonreir.

Leer el articolo original.



Senderismo Desnudo Europeo (Naked European Walking Tour)

May 24, 2021 in Lifestyle, Naktiv

El dia empezó con suficiente luz, y somos continuada tener buena suerte con el tiempo. Empezabamós ir arriba la colina en el mismo region que domingo, poco más este. Los caminos abren como arribamos. Pasabámos un pequeńo albergue de montaña en la valla alta. El camino ira todo derecho desde los precipicios cercan. Los perros, Polly y Susi andandan alredador de tigres marón y blanco muy grande.

Un grupo de franceses que aparece eran muy confusado, estaban caminando con nosotros, primera detras y despues adelante. Tenémos differente velocidades, los dos grupos. Luegeo caminamos todo derecho por la cima verde con piedras. Las vistas de la cima del Höhe Scheibe eran verdad meravilloso. Todo nos alredador eran montañas y vallas y sol y bosques. Quedamos alli un poco tiempo, gastando nuestro comer y el lugar también.

Leer el articolo original.

NB. Estoy apprendiendo Castellano y tengo el intención a traducir algo articulos de nuestros esperienzas de sendersimo desnudo en europa. Son escursionistas annual que puedes leer más aqui: NEWT = Naked

Senderismo Desnudo Europeo (Naked European Walking Tour)

April 10, 2021 in Lifestyle, Naktiv

Martes hizó mucho sol otro vez y encuentramos, baso del ski-lift complexo de Asitz in Leogang, el equipo de journalitas Fritz y Walter, de periodico Tageskurier de Vienna. 

Ellos estaban caminando con nosotros hoy para scribir un articulo de nuestro escursiones de senderismos desnudo en Austria y los alpes. Salimos el pueblo y entrabamos el bosque, Fritz quitó su ropa antes primera, eso un sorpresa buena para nosotros. Teniamos mucho journalistas con nuestra senderismos desnudo y escursiones barcas desnudo, y no teniamos mucho gente que hace lo mismo. No es obligatorio ser desnudo para caminar con nosotros, pero claro nos gusta mucho que alguien quiere se lo sentir nuestra esperienza, en todo caso.

Leer el articolo original.

NB. Estoy apprendiendo Castellano y tengo el intención a traducir algo articulos de nuestros esperienzas de sendersimo desnudo en europa. Son escursionistas annual que puedes leer más aqui: NEWT = Naked European Walking Tour


Senderismo Desnudo Europeo (Naked European Walking Tour)

April 10, 2021 in Naktiv

Martes julio 03.

Empezabamos hoy con un equipo más pequeno, porque estaba lloviando. Sandro era cansada, Bruce quirida cocinar, Mira y Gianni quirian ir a comprar. El tiempo miraba totalmente terribile. Parcabamos y alguien de nos quipo removaban su ropas, y empezabamos caminando el camino plana que iba subiendo al Sudwienerhütte. Cambiabamos salutarios varios con un gruppo grande de jovenes al Hotel/Gasthof y parquing. Luego girandabamos por el camino dentro la valla Hintergnadenalm. El camino cortó adelante la balla, contra las zig-zags facíl de la camino forestal.

Leer el articolo original.

NB. Estoy apprendiendo Castellano y tengo el intención a traducir algo articulos de nuestros esperienzas de sendersimo desnudo en europa. Son escursionistas annual que puedes leer más aqui: NEWT = Naked European Walking Tour

Naked Hiking at the Sierra Natura campground in Valencia

April 2, 2021 in Naktiv

The Sierra Natura naturist campsite in Valencia, built by Diego and Carmen several decades ago, has stood the test of time well. The camp is a haven of interesting Gaudi/Hundertwasser/Hobbit/Homemade housing styles with various paths which snake around the cool pool. With the benefit of having visited, I can also heartily recommend the friendly and accommodating service of the staff. Pascal and Clarisse had organized a week of naked hiking based here and I was honoured that Polly and I had been invited to join. The weather forecast was not especially positive for late October, but we determined to make the best of what presented itself during our stay.

The campsite has several well marked trails which wind their way through the surrounding forestry. Our first day was spent on a not-so-warm hike around the outside perimeter of the campground. Once we’d acclimatized somewhat the next day we took the longer “white” route of about 14km. This snaked through the canyons and brush of the scrubby landscape, along an easy forestry/olive farm trail, past deeply ice/water scoured valley walls. As the day warmed up we were able to strip off as more suited to the intended plan for the week. We passed several circular reservoir stone tanks which provide emergency water for helicopters to fight the local fires which so easily start in the dry summers here. The only people we saw were olive workers in a car and a man in a tractor repairing the recently storm-damaged track, they all waved in response as our little group trailed along and greeted them in passing. Arriving back at the campsite the next day’s forecast was for steady rain, so most of the group visited a cave in a town some way off. Polly and I taking a quiet day to recuperate from the damp overnight tent experience.

The next day we decided to drive towards the coast to get warmer weather and arrived after a long-ish drive at an area of new-builds perched above the coast. The sky was threatening with dark clouds as we set off across the scrubby terrain heading down the nature reserve towards the sea. As the temperatures lifted so the clothes descended. The few people we passed were somewhat reticent, which I found unusual and put down to the nearness of the population centres. The path led us into a brambly gorge which wound it’s way towards some rather fine looking houses near the bay. Dressing now we headed to the beach where Verena and I skinny-dipped briefly under the curious gaze of the remaining October tourists. Refreshed, we headed up the hill to a steep and thin trail winding it’s way around the headland. There were a couple of small but tricky steps with chains where one had to take extra care as although the route was easy the steep and serious drop below was also easy. Turning the corner of the headland we emerged onto a gorgeous ridge, which we followed up and along it’s fairly exposed coastline, as the late afternoon sun glinted over the route ahead guiding us back to our vehicles. A great day out.

The following day we also drove out towards the coast to take advantage of the warmer weather and I’ll write this piece up later as I have to hit the beach right now 🙂


The World Naked Bike Ride book

March 30, 2021 in Environmental, Political

The World Naked Bike Ride is a global protest against oil dependency
and urban pollution, promoting greater cycling safety on our roads,
and encouraging body freedom for everyone. This book visually
describes the environmental awareness event, the history of how it
started, the people who take part, and the motivations behind this
very public demonstration.

Written and compiled by Richard Foley.
Foreword by Conrad Schmidt.
Including 250 photos.

Our environment

March 30, 2021 in Uncategorized

The environment is our word for the place in which we live. Pigs are
naturally clean creatures, in their natural forest environment – they
only get smelly when humans cram them into an unnaturally small space.
Locusts clear the very ground of every edible thing when they
periodically hatch and swarm, there’s nothing left for next time
unless their progeny hide for a number of years waiting for their
environment to recover sufficiently. As humans we have a brain capable
of realizing these things, seeing the parallels with our own
situation, and making positive or negative choices which affect the
way we use or abuse our environment.

We are clearly powerful enough to make lasting and substantial changes
to the world around us. Allegedly we are intelligent enough to make
informed decisions on how we interact with our environment. Being
naked is one positive step in our dealings with nature. It’s not
complicated: we use less textile materials, dyes, transport
mechanisms, slave labour and cleaning chemicals, when we use less
clothing. To do something positive today, about tomorrow, get naked,
how much simpler can it be?

Dance protests against Nudity ban in San Francisco

March 30, 2021 in Uncategorized
On WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 27th at 12 NOON we are having a nude dance
performance with violin player Erik Hoffman and possibly other
musicians at the Jane Warner Plaza in the Castro (Castro and 17th St).
If we get arrested or cited it will be another case that will prove
that the nudity ban is unconstitutional, which will strengthen our
case against the City.

If we don’t get cited nor arrested we can continue having nude dance
performances at Jane Warner Plaza on regular basis.

Please come dance with us! If you play a musical instrument please
bring it along. Otherwise, please come to support us, nude or dressed.
Bring your cameras to document the dance and the possible arrest. It’s
going to be FUN as usual!

If you do body painting please contact me in advance – we might need
your help.

Warm enough in November?

November 14, 2020 in Lifestyle, Naktiv

May not be warm enough for (me) to swim, but it’s warm enough for a paddle! Both Polly and I went knee-deep, being a fair-weather-beach person I scampered out fairly quickly. Had the entire beach to ourselves All on November 14th wonderful!


Naked hiking in Tarragona in November

November 8, 2020 in Naktiv

November in Tarragona, a place famous for extremely strong winds which will keep even the hardiest off the peaks.

Well, after a week of rain (which the grass needed) and as the sun came out I thought it the perfect time to take the Polly for a hike “out back”. Our tour took us up a steep forested valley track until we reached a pass with stupendous views almost all around us. The sun was gentle as I sweated the last few steps to crest the ridge. Even though this was a Sunday, I saw very few people. Perhaps the rain during the last week kept most of them thinking about indoors activities for the weekend.

I was naked for most of the hike,and met only a couple of couples heading up the valley as I descended. The usual friendly greetings were exchanged and we all got on with our respective hikes, as you’d expect. The air thickened as I headed back to the lower climes, the coast becoming nearer and bluer. Too soon, the hike was over and we were homeward bound. A short hike but it was great to be outside experiencing the Catalonian air on my skin, and I think Polly enjoyed it too.

Then it was nice to get home for a cup of tea!


Ten suggestions for improving nudism/naturism in Cantarriján and everywhere!

June 28, 2020 in Lifestyle, Naktiv

The following post was written by the naked and active folk who frequent the Cantarriján beach in Granada, Spain. Although there is some natural focus on their beach, the suggestions are generic and can be applied almost everywhere. There is a strong synergy with the Naktiv ideal to “come out naked!” which I especially like. Let’s not hide behind rocks and trees, we’re just naked for goodness sake. Let’s tell a few people about our fun lifestyle too, we don’t have to proselytize to open a discussion. The only way to encourage the naked lifestyle is to encourage it!

10 Tips to improve our Nude Beach

  1. Let’s join the entire beach. Nudists like to be surrounded by other nudists and sometimes, we tend to go to the ends of the beach where the atmosphere is calmer. But that gives a feeling of seclusion. And this can, without intending to, send a negative message to some textiles:  “Nudists like to be apart and hidden”, as if nudism was something pernicious. In Cantarriján, we tend to go to the second cove and that makes most people believe that this second cove is nudist and that the first is not. Let’s always try to use the first cove, next to the beach bars and hammocks. That the first thing that everyone who comes to Cantarriján sees is to the nudists. To nudists who do not take cover behind stones and twists, as many suppose. We are nudists and we are proud to be so. We have nothing to hide and isolating ourselves can be an excuse for others to mistakenly think that they do.
  2. Let’s make ourselves visible.  Being a Nudist is being proud of our freedom, but there are still many of us who are scared that people know that we get naked on a beach. Nudism needs names and faces. Let’s not hide. Let’s not be afraid to make ourselves look naked. Normality and nudist visibility must start with ourselves first.
  3. Activate and get involved.  Nudist consciousness can be defined as the knowledge that a nudist has about the state of other nudists in his community. But many of us do not put it into practice. The best way to do this is to get involved, worrying about  “what can I contribute to nudism”  and not just ask ourselves  “what are nudist groups or associations going to do for me” while I take the sun placidly. Let’s get involved! Let’s get active as nudists. We recommend you join collectives or affiliates as members of naturist associations. In Cantarriján there is a very active association and it needs each and every nudist. To do more things and create great strength as a group. Giving opinions, seeing how aspects can be improved, developing ideas and putting them into practice, contributes to creating nudist awareness.
  4. Let’s participate in activities. To make nudism visible is to normalize it among those who still have a poor and negative view of it. Many associations carry out activities in their areas. By joining them, in addition to having fun and creating moments of leisure and recreation, we are creating visibility and normality in nudism. Our association carries out all kinds of activities, both in Cantarriján and outside it, and they are always open to the participation of all nudists, whether they are associated or not. We recommend that you participate in them. You will see that going beyond our towel or deck chair will give us a broader perspective of nudism and nudists.
  5. Let’s get closer to other nudists. Let’s talk to them and build relationships. Meeting other people who share hobbies helps to “make pineapple” among nudists.
  6. Let’s encourage people to try nudism.  Let us dialogue and treat our condition as nudists with our environment and friends as normal. We do not have to convince anyone, but the word is our best asset so that people know the benefits of nudism. Let them see that we are as equal as any other. Let’s invite non-nudist people to come to Cantarriján and see for themselves that this beach is a paradise where you feel that the freedom of your skin is the best option. Because you already know… .there is nothing better than seeing a white ass on a beach. It is the sign that a new nudist “is born.”
  7. Let’s always use positive language.  Let’s not talk about  “textileism”  with derogatory connotations, because that will already put our non-nudist interlocutor on the defensive. Never lose cordiality. Let’s think that most nudists had a first time and that many textiles just wait for a friendly “push” to dare to try it. One more nudist is one less textile in Cantarriján.
  8. Let us see ourselves on the beachfront.  Settling on the beachfront is a good way to make yourself visible and encourage others to undress with our example. We in Cantarriján call it  “creating a nudist reef” . All beach users have to go through there. We highly recommend this point because it is the best option to capture social nudity and that everyone see it.
  9. Let’s get out of our towels. Taking a good stroll in the nude along the shore, besides being healthy, is educational and normalizing for the textile user. And if we want to have something to eat or eat, we will not dress to do it if it is not essential. In Cantarriján, we can make use of the optional clothing space in one of the beach bars, which has taken us so much time and effort to achieve. Let’s use it and let’s do it naked!
  10. Let’s get naked and others will follow us.  And let’s not wait to get to our point of stay on the beach to do it. As much as possible, we recommend that you undress on arrival. And when dressing to leave, always do it just before leaving the beach. In Cantarriján, when we get off our vehicle or the bus, let’s take off our clothes. And when we leave, let’s always put our clothes on at the last minute. Nudism is our ideology and our form of expression. Let’s not hesitate to put it into practice from the moment we step on the sand until we leave it. Thus, we will create a nudist trend.

The original post can be found here.

Thinking about summer during the coronavirus lockdown

April 10, 2020 in Lifestyle, Naktiv


Well, we’ve been in a fairly severe lockdown at home now for 4 weeks in Spain during the coronavirus/CoVid-19 pandemic so far this year.

It’s not especially easy for anybody, my dog Polly particularly misses the longer walks. Nevertheless one needs to remain positive, remember the good times and begin to plan the next ones. Here are a couple of photos from a recent naktiv hike in Tarragona. It’s good to see people getting some naked hiking in all around the world! .

Naturistas beach cleanup day at Playa del Torn.

September 8, 2019 in Uncategorized

The naturistas of Catalunya declared the 8th of September as clean up naturist beach day. To this end, I pottered along to the well known Playa del Torn, which runs behind the Templo del Sol naturist campsite. I’m not sure if I missed the meeting point, or whether nobody else turned up on the day, but I seemed to be alone on the beach of naturists mostly just beginning their day of sunshine. The beautiful beach swept in a long gentle curve to the south and looked very clean so I thought at first there was nothing, or not much, to do.


On the whole the local naturists, and the campsite above, keep the place fairly clean. However, having decided to clean up, I thought I’d better find some muck, somewhere. By going along the edge of the beach, scouring the steep sections of loose and tumbling stones, and scouting around the sharp undergrowth and trees along the cliff edge, I found sufficient rubbish to keep me busy for a couple of hours. Inbetween a couple of dips into the smoothly sloping golden sand covered beach, I managed to collect a solid black bag full of junk which had been carelessly collecting itself in the bushes.

Other beaches probably have more rubbish on them, and while the local councils, and campsites, go to a lot of effort to periodically clean up after the tourists, my feeling is that it’s still up to the people who are using the beaches to keep them clean “on the hoof”. It was a good excuse to go to the beach, in any case. 🙂

Hiking trip along the river bed of the Ribera Salada

August 25, 2019 in Uncategorized

I was fortunate recently to be able to join a naked hike organized by Segimon of the Associació Club Català de Naturisme.

We met at the nearby town of Solona before heading to the hike starting point at the Pont de Clop, a bridge across the Ribera Salada river. The thirty or more people in the well mixed group left our cars at the ample car park and set off along one side of the steeply gorged river through the spiky woods. One thing I’ve noticed about the dry climate in Spain is the preponderance of sharp vegetation all around, and this makes it somewhat “interesting” to go off-route. Staying on well-used paths is advised unless you’re wearing suitable protection! After a while of toiling pleasantly through the morning heat, several of us began to strip off and relax on the hike towards where we could join the river itself. Polly was of course fetching and chasing sticks and keeping people  otherwise entertained.

We reached the river, which was a relief from the sharp undergrowth, and took a refreshing dip. Shortly afterwards we reached a junction of two rivers which made our high point. Here we stopped to explore the steep canyon of one arm which was sending out a steady flow of seriously colder and deeper water to join the main stream. The temperature of the water began to hurt our legs as we waded through it. Turning back down the river, we waded and splashed over the rocks and through the refreshing stream, passing several small groups of textile hikers, until we reached a well shaded spot where we could take a lunch break. The shade was welcome and I was also able to hold on to Polly as she was beginning to shake from exhaustion.

Continuing down the river, we came to an area where the river had cut deeply through the steeply sided rocks all around, creating huge columns of towering stone, the river still winding it’s way around the monoliths, wearing them down over eons. It was a bit tricky for our hike leader Lluís to find the correct exit as it was hidden behind still more spiky bushes. Following the trail now steeply up through the forest again, we emerged above the rocks with stupendous views straight down to the river canyon below. At one point Polly disappeared and when I called her, she emerged from a steep scrabbly ravine which was far too close to the steep cliffs below us. Relieved to see her ok the path wound on safely over the heights and steadily back to the car park. I was a bit surprised that we hiked naked all the way to the car park, as there was a large scattered collection of folk bathing at the bridge. Everyone was fine of course, and this just meant more people can discuss nudity in their daily life, so this was all positive.

More details about future tours can be seen in the NuCat facebook group.

Let the #NATURIST in you COME OUT!

January 9, 2019 in Uncategorized

You’re a naturist and are you constantly being banned and blocked by people who don’t understand you? What is it about the naked human body that sends so many people into paroxysms of censorship and puritan fist waving? It seems that it’s ok to post images and videos of violence and bloodshed, but let a little too much skin show and you get a wrist slap like no other. It’s often immediate and one has no recourse to appeal, all the big guns do it, as soon as advertising and their hand-in-glove corporate mind-set get a grip on what they think is the moral high ground, you’re toast. It happens time and time again, certainly to me and to many people I know.

The answer seems to drive people into private groups and places where “nobody else can see”, just like the traditional naturist clubs of yore. This is an outdated model. If naturists want to have anything to say about what we do and where we can go and how we can behave, in public and in private, then we need to take these matters into our own hands.

There’s no point in waiting for someone else to be nice to you, and to give you public nudity on a plate. We want it, then we have to take it. We have to get together and focus our energies on making society accept our lifestyle based on our principles, not based on the principles of people who don’t understand it and never will. We need to take a leaf out of the gay movement and make it illegal to discriminate against naked people.

Take a look at the Naktiv #social #media #network where being #naked online is OK and the membership control the content, let’s get together in a safe place and then share our adventures with the entire world.

What are you waiting for? Let the #NATURIST in you COME OUT!

If we don’t educate society about harmless non-sexual nudity, who do you think will?

December 25, 2018 in Uncategorized

Here’s an article from a leading UK newspaper: the subtitle is “The group of University of Bristol students stripped off to raise money for charity” while The Sun’s headline of course reads: “Saucy students strip off for Bristol University naked Christmas calendar”. It’s like they never really got past the Carry-On movies with Sid James and Diana Dors. What is wrong with this picture? What’s with all the nudge-nudge, wink-wink, didn’t everybody grow out of that along with Santa?

#Naturists need to realise that it’s up to *us* to educate people about nudity. If we don’t do it, who do you think will?

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