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Good Day?

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There are good days & there are ‘not so good’ days for all of us. The difference it makes is very individual & personal. We can always define our good days with a smile & a happy heart. When we have to define the ‘not so good’ days or what some would term as ‘Bad Days’, it becomes more difficult without feeling emotional/angry/confused, we tend to over emphasize the difficulties & problems that happen, we dwell on negatives instead of looking at solutions that could prevent the same ‘not so good’ days returning. It is very interesting to know how others actually define their ‘Good Days’ and what sets those days apart. OR in describing ‘Good Days’ are we just saying that they weren’t ‘not so good’ days?  I like to make note of ‘Good Days’ when there have been unusual & happy events and maybe even new people come into our lives that make a very happy & positive change in our days.

How do you make the decision about your ‘Good Days’ and your ‘Not So Good’ days? Are they worthy of actual distinction in writing? Are they just very personal ‘events’ that you share with family people or maybe work colleagues?  Would you share on these pages what your best days are like and how the others shape up? Do your ‘not so good’ days have a lasting effect for you and others around you if your mood or emotional presence changes?

I’m not being nosey I don’t think, I’m just being really interested in how these things affect us differently, we certainly all have varied lifestyles in many locations around the world, every kind of daily routine can be individual to our many members on here. So it would be interesting (to me at least) to have a little information about some of the “Good Days” & some “Not So Good” days. Thank you for reading this, I really do hope that today is for you a GOOD DAY !


To Continue.. Or Not!

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Public transport is well adapted to be suitable for wheelchair bound people, although particularly with trains there can be problems getting staff to give assistance. (If they are not told in advance about disabled travellers). A good friend of mine travelled by train from London to the north east, he had pre-booked his train travel for the first half of his journey because he wanted to stop off to meet an ex-colleague for 24 hours. When he continued his north bound journey he asked a station porter if he could guide him to the most suitable part of his next train. The porter asked “Are you pre-booked on this train?” My friend answered that he wasn’t pre-booked but as this train only had a ‘stop time’ of 7 minutes he needed some assistance to board. The porter then consulted his control room who again asked if the passenger was pre-booked. By the time the conversation was completed 4 minutes of the trains stop time had elapsed. Then the porter asked “How far north do you intend to travel, the first two carriages only complete the journey, others terminate at York.” My friend said he needed to board the train to travel beyond York and now he had only 2 minutes to do so. The porter took my friend to the first carriage and then said “I need to check with ‘on-board colleagues’ about suitable placement’. Needless to say that by the time this further ‘radio-contact’ with other train staff was completed, the train was leaving! My friend,(in his wheelchair) had another 55 minutes to wait, so keeping his agitation well under control he asked the porter “Please try to arrange a suitable place on the next train for me.”  The porter replied “Come to me when the train arrives and I’ll see what can be organised”  Sometimes life can be really frustrating !


Stay With Me!

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When I was first invited to stay for a few days at a friends house, I thought how it would be such a great boost to my first ever “away from home” experience. Going off to college in another town at 17years old was a major event, I had dreaded the thought of paying for accommodation in a ‘bed & breakfast’ place. When Gary said his place was available to me I didn’t initially think of any problems, I had known him all through school & he was one of my best ‘buddies’ ever. I rang him on Thursday just before the Saturday I was due to go over, I got a female voice answering which caught me off guard, I said who I was and asked for my pal, the reply was “Okay that’s fine, I’m Kerry and actually this is my house, I’m fine with Gary inviting you to stay and it’s great of you to phone ahead and check things, I’ll get Gary for you now.”  It took a little while for him to get to the phone and I guess a million thoughts went through my mind, eventually when he answered it was as if he had expected me to question him.  He began “Yes I know I should have told you about Kerry but I had planned to phone you!” I was getting a bit angry at his attitude, I kept calm though & asked “How can you invite me to stay at your place for a few days when it isn’t even your house at all?”  His laughing voice sounded forced, he said “That’s no problem, I knew it would be fine, I talked it over with her and she said her pal Kim was staying over for 5 days in our other spare room too.” This story was becoming more than it ought to be. I had other thoughts suddenly rush to my head. “What are you planning Gary, you know you said it would be okay for me to stay naked around your house, now I hear it isn’t actually your house & there’s a female friend of your partner also going to be staying over, just what is happening Gary?”

He assured me things would be okay, but I still felt uncertain about things, I wasn’t planning on any ‘matchmaking’ nor was I calm at that young age of living for a few days with two females I didn’t know and maybe having to stay clothed all the week too! I was just on the point of cancelling everything when he said, “Do you want to speak to Kerry again, she’s right here?” I was nervous but I agreed, she straight away said ” Hi, I do know what Gary is like, he invited you & then I invited Kim over, we’re all okay about things, if maybe you want to be naked in the evening when we’re all watching tv or having supper that’s fine, I sometimes only wear a bathrobe too, it’s so relaxing and Kim is pretty laid back and chilled, she’s going to be fine with having a naked man around!” . That phone call made me question things even more, I’ll let you know later, what actually happened all those years ago !


Man Of The House ?

April 14, 2019 in Uncategorized

When I got my first actual job, real employment after leaving school in 1966 aged 15, I suddenly felt ‘grown-up’ and more like a man & no longer a child. My mother had said over the weekend, “You are the man of the house now.” meaning I was the wage earner, the one providing the means to buy food, pay the rent, buy clothes!” . My first job actually meant me getting out of my bed at 4 am, I realised I was the only one awake & I had to get my own breakfast, make & light a coal fire, get myself ready to walk almost a mile to get a lift into town! In those days even the radio programme didn’t start till 4:30am and meanwhile it played a boring repetitive piece of music, drums & piano playing a rhythmical set of notes.

I was just about ready to leave the house when my mother got up, just before 4:45am she appeared in the kitchen and got herself a breakfast, we had an unwritten rule we all knew about since as long as I recall, for the first 15 minutes or so no-one actually speaks, just to allow for a quiet breakfast & for the brain to readjust from sleep & a warm comfortable bed where probably dream land made stuff seem great, to reality where it wasn’t so warm and getting all of the body awake and moving comfortably was a steady task. Just as my mother was ready to speak I was getting into some clothes so I could set off for my walk to the main road to town, she looked at the fireplace and crouched her naked self down to get warmed, then she said with a laugh in her tone, “This feels good getting warmed by a fire that somebody else lit. It feels good that you managed to get yourself up & moving in time to do all your things before having to go out, you are the man now, earning a wage & taking responsibilities for stuff.” I paused at the door wondering if I should answer or if I should just accept things, I felt good knowing I was setting out on a new phase of my life, I felt good knowing my mother was happy about things. I fastened my coat collar against the cold icy rain and looked back at mothers nude huddle, ‘… yep.. this is adult life!…’


Then I realised…

April 5, 2019 in Uncategorized

After my dad passed away life got really tough, we were surviving on basic food & money was scarce. My sister & myself had to grow up quickly & we took any part-time jobs we could get. I did newspaper delivery rounds morning & evening, weekends we both helped out at a local (small) farm. Mother took some cleaning jobs in houses of wealthier people & she also did sewing, knitting & mending of clothes for our near neighbours.  By the time I left school aged 15 in 1966 (July 22nd.. a date I’ll always know) I was keen to get a proper full time employment. For some reason I decided I wanted to work in a bakery making bread! So my first job on the first Monday after I had left school started at 5:30am ! I had to get up at 4am and make sure my sister still knew she had to go out to school at 8:30am, I went into our cold ‘back room’ and began lighting the coal fire ready for my mother getting up at 6. I got a quick wash in cold water & with cold shakes & shivers I reluctantly put some clothes on, realising that now I was, whether I liked it or not, entering the adult world. A world in our location meant work long hours, do whatever you could to get something better happening in your own home. I realised how much we would miss dad, in more ways than I ever realised, specially when my lovely mother put her arm around my shoulder and said, “You’re the man of the house now, my little boy is grown up, you are Mister Thompson now, the man of the house.


New friends are Great!

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When we were in junior school we began making lots of new friends. My sister was always the happy outgoing type while I was often a little bit more cautious & aware of possible downfalls. I knew that our home life wasn’t quite the same as most of our school mates. Being part of a naturist family (although the word ‘naturist’ wasn’t known to us then) was usual and great for us but I knew that some people could be offended or maybe even cause us big problems. Some friends we made in school were just that, school friends, and we both kept them just in school. One day my sister Lorraine told me that her newest friend Sarah seemed so happy & very friendly, much more than so many others. So when I saw Sarah I thought I would check her out, I thought she seemed so open too. We sat on a grass slope near the playground, just the three of us, talking about being in this new school & what all the people were like. I nudged Lorraine as I got to a question for Sarah, I asked her “Would your parents be ok if we just called at your house one time maybe a Saturday?” Sarah stopped smiling so much and looked downwards at the grass a while, then she said cleverly “Well maybe I ought to call at your house and see if your mother would be happy for you to come with me!” This girl was very intriguing and fun. I told her that dad worked most days until he got home around 3pm and because he was a coal miner he liked to go into the basement wash area & get a thorough top to toe wash down. So mother often helped he get dried & freshened up. Sarah laughed again and said, “Yep, my dad is the same but we don’t have a basement wash place, my dad gets his wash down in our kitchen, sometimes… well most times he’s not in a hurry to get dressed again!”  We both realised right then that we had made a new friend for certain and we would probably be friends for a long time.

Sarah called at our house on Saturday afternoon, she waited in the front yard while Lorraine & myself came out, as a 12 year old I was more interested in football than ‘girl games’ like skipping ! I saw that Sarah was keen to play indoors because she said she felt cold outside & her cardigan wasn’t keeping her arms warm. I knew dad was still naked & my mother had only slipped on her skirt so I had to be careful about Sarah. I asked if her dad was home from work yet, she laughed and said “Yes, but he’s laid on the sofa trying to have a nap & mother told him he ought to put some clothes on, he looks a ‘rare sight’ laid like that all afternoon.” We both laughed too, I told her “Our dad is the same now, he just came in from his wash and he’s having a meal before he gets dressed, that’s IF he gets dressed, mother has not quite got dressed yet too!” Sarah looked at Lorraine and gave that ‘knowing’ wink, she rubbed her arms as if to try and get warm, then said, “Well if your parents are ok like that I would like to go into your house to play?”. That became the first of many times we all ‘played’ together, either at our house or at Sarah’s, our parents got to know each other and they became great friends. We stayed friends and shared a Caravan holiday too, that is another story…. maybe?


To change, or not to change?

March 16, 2019 in Uncategorized

Those of you who have read my blogs in the past years on here, will know that I have lived my entire 67 years as a naturist. I am blessed with a naturist family although we never had our own children. (not for the want of trying!). We have a loving family, amazing friends & a support team which includes carers (care givers) and our National Health Service doctors & nursing staff. I occasionally write here to relate some of the stories of my life, maybe going back to my childhood days that I shared with my late sister & just amazing parents.  As a family who were raised as naturists, although that word wasn’t actually known to us, we shared a kind of love & mutual respect that I think is rare in most family’s now. Here is a brief story of just one time in my childhood.

When I had to move up into senior school I wasn’t too worried about the school, but I was leaving my sister behind in a juniors school, we just hadn’t been apart from each other since the day she was born. I moved into the new school with a few friends from earlier days and we all felt fairly contented although the actual school buildings seemed maze like and so big! We took the first week just finding our way about the place. One day soon after the big move we had a P.E. afternoon (Physical Education) where boys and girls were segregated by changing rooms that were at opposite ends of a long narrow building and sports fields that had mesh fencing to separate us from each other. As we changed from uniforms into white gym kit we were directly told by the teacher to ” .. be discreet and change underwear too, making that change ‘privately’?..”  Of course my friends knew that wasn’t likely with me, so as soon as I had got naked I was pushed out into the general changing rooms area. I saw the teacher standing with his female colleague a few yards away so calmly I walked over to them and said quietly, “I think I have been locked out accidently, I don’t mind too much but my clothes are in there and I will need them eventually to go home, is that ok?”  To say ‘Hell let loose’ is understating things, the female teacher yelled out in shock and covered her eyes!! the male teacher yelled “Go back over to the changing area now!” he spun me round and marched me back there, only to find 20 other young teenagers standing in a row all naked !

More will follow, another time maybe… if requested.


Beyond repair?

February 21, 2019 in Uncategorized

A naturist friend of ours told us the following tale.
Calling at the homes of customers to repair electrical appliances can be dull & tedious at times, but once in a while a really good day comes around & I see happy friendly people, the jobs go well & everyone is pleased at the outcomes. On one such happy day I began my afternoon calls to an address in an apartment block to fix an iron, a quick job I thought and possibly not the best paying one of the day. I rang the doorbell and almost instantly it was opened by a young lad in just shorts, he pointed through a doorway to what looked like a kitchen before he yelled very loudly “MOTHER… The man you rang for is here !”. I tried to adjust my hearing back to normal. The kitchen area was very untidy and two younger children around 5 years old played on the floor, one had a long pyjama jacket on, the other was naked! I paused, not wanting to move on until an adult was present. Within a couple of minutes a slender dark haired woman came in, she pointed at the iron on the unit, she spoke quietly, “It’s fucked!” I noticed she wore only a bathrobe hanging loosely opened and nothing else. I went over to the iron and guessed that apart from several dishes & cups unwashed in the sink, two unwashed kids on the floor & the general ‘mess’ of the place, this family wasn’t really working very well. I lifted the iron to see that the wiring into the iron were probably more ‘bare’ than the kids or there mother. It was obviously burnt out mainly due to neglect and bad usage. I told the woman that the iron wasn’t fit to repair and it would be wiser & cheaper to buy another. While I waited for an answer, or an insult, a man came into the kitchen totally naked apart from his socks! He had apparently heard what I had said. “Can’t you mend the fucking iron?” he grumbled, “Is it knackered?” he asked. I stepped over child & toys towards the door and made my way to the front door. I turned and repeated “It is beyond repair, it would be better & safer to get another one.” As I opened the door I added “I won’t charge anything, not even call out fee, just be safe please.” As I stepped out onto the corridor I felt a piece of wet cloth material hit my neck and the woman shouted “Cheeky bastard, we can afford a new iron, we don’t need your charity!” I waited a yard or two away from the open door, the young lad who had originally opened the door to me came out, now naked too, he held out some coins which I took off him and he ran indoors as the door banged closed. The coins totalled just under £2:50p.. so I smiled, kicked the wet cloth away and thought… there are some weird nudists around, ain’t there !


Our odd visitor . . . .?

January 20, 2019 in Uncategorized

My usual days ( & weeks) in the last 2 or 3 years have been spent mostly in our own home. Not that I’m complaining, We have a lovely apartment with a reasonable 2nd floor view across the west of our city. We have a caring sharing family & a great team of carers (care givers) to help us physically manage our mobility & other issues. We live basically naked and only occasionally put any form of clothing on when we are staying indoors. We do from time to time get visits from people we have known for years and they too are mainly naturists too. A young woman has been popping in at least once a week since last November as a sort of news messenger from a club we used to visit, also to reminisce about past holidays we have shared with her parents way back when she was in her early teen years. Although we have usually been naked when she has called by she never really made any attempt to undress or suggest that she might until she came last Friday. She took off her coat & shoes as always and she handed me a small photo album of holiday images from her last 10 years or so, I took it through to the lounge window area so I could see it more clearly. I did get engrossed in photo’s and memories, I half caught a glimpse of coffee being poured behind me, I turned to see if a coffee was being poured for me, to my amazement I saw our visitor was naked. She was chattering away as usual and laughed when I returned her collection of holiday memories. We sat and talked for about 45 minutes until she decided it was time for her to leave, what she did next totally stunned me. She gathered her clothes and neatly folded them into a bag, then she put on her thigh length coat and fastened the belt and two central buttons. She must have noticed that we both were stunned silent, she said nothing, unusually, and walked out to her car as she turned to get into her car she gave us a wave and a smile, she flicked the hem of her coat to show us her bare thigh, then calmly she drove away !
We normally would get a phone call from her approximately half an hour after she left us, this time we didn’t. So we are worried that she hasn’t phoned us, we are worried that she drove away almost naked, we are thinking we ought to contact her parents to enquire about if she got home ok, but if we do should we mention what she was (or was not ) wearing when she went from us? She could come on Friday of this week… then what ?


To Be Or Not To Be ?

December 29, 2018 in Uncategorized

Our niece Lisa has decided that her new house will be a naturist house. She lived with us from being 4 years old and so she has only known daily life without clothes, she hated getting dressed to go anywhere outside of our house. Now she is married and has a teenaged son, her husband is new to naturism and has accepted the life 100%. Lisa has experienced all of our ‘problems’ dealing with people who come into our home and our lifestyle. She agrees that it does take a lot of ‘bravery’ or ‘commitment’ to staying naked at home when other people may visit. (Perhaps she worries about times being alone at home, but she is strong and sensible.) She had her son with her (both were nude) on Christmas Eve when a parcel delivery woman came to the door, Lisa put on a hip length wrap and opened the door, the delivery woman looked slightly stunned but asked if she could place the parcel indoors on a hallway table, as she did so she noticed the naked lad stood inside the lounge, then as Lisa signed for the parcel her nudity was obvious too. The deliverer smiled as she stepped from the house and said “The wrap is a good idea, if you choose nudity at home” . That made Lisa feel better but then she recalled how many times we have answered the door totally naked, for a while her thoughts were mixed, then she resolved that as an often ‘lone female at home’ it was better to put something on when answering the door. She has however also decided with her husband & son that whenever they choose to be naked at home that is fine, even when other people come. As we all agree naked is natural, other people may have a problem with it, but maybe we can help them with THEIR problem !


Van Fun, Evening Sun.

December 14, 2018 in Uncategorized

When I had my 18th birthday (many years ago, very many!) I didn’t have any kind of party or even anyone telling me I was now an adult. In fact I think I got a few cards that had something about ‘key of the door’ and maybe ‘now you are a young man’ but they were the nearest reference to any change of outlook or status in society. I was one of those young lads who always looked much older than my years anyway, I was actually asked to pay full fare on a bus when I was 13 !
What does spring back into my mind about becoming 18 was that two days later on the Saturday I just felt that I needed to ‘get-away’ for a couple of days and have a break at the coast. I knew a friend who had a caravan that needed a clean out before the summer season started, so when I told my sister Lorraine that I was going to be away at Barry’s van she insisted on coming with me, “after all you’ll need a woman’s touch with that cleaning and tidying” she told me. Lorraine and I did spend lots of time together, we were 18 months apart in age but we were more like twins in reality. When mother heard of my plans she actually insisted that we both went together saying ” Just remember, it isn’t a naturist place so just be careful whenever you’re naked”. We laughed at the thoughts of other ‘Vanners’ there cleaning and suddenly seeing two teenagers naked in a caravan, their minds would create all kinds of stories and probably have Police there before anything ‘shameful’ had happened!
When we set to actually ‘dusting & polishing’ all of the laminated places and shelving units, we had stripped down to just shorts, Lorraine laughed about her young breasts getting an ‘airing’ and feeling the coastal breezes. There didn’t seem to be many people around, in fact it was maybe 800 yards to the nearest van receiving similar cleaning. At late afternoon we both decided to lay out on loungers and get the last few hours of sun. We had seen cars leave taking the nearest folk away and the place felt deserted. I took off my shorts & so did ‘sis’. For about an hour and 15 mins we just lay silently taking the evening air. Then I felt a slight chill and decided to make coffee, as I came back out of the van, still naked, I handed a coffee to Lorraine who was just putting her shorts back on. Then I saw her.. a quite large rotund woman, hands on hips & dressed as if ready for a torrential rain storm. We all stood motionless for maybe 15 seconds before the woman spoke, “I have been here all day, I’ve watched you all day…..” she moved in short but definite strides around both of us as if doing an inspection, for once I actually felt eyes staring at my buttocks! Then she said “… I have been so happy watching you, I just wished that I had such youth & openness, you have taken chances being undressed like that but good for you!” As she walked to the front of us she continued and strode slowly, purposefully towards a car parked down the track. We laughed, we sat eating sandwiches & drinking coffee, that was actually the best part of my 18th birthday time.


Why wobble?

November 17, 2018 in Uncategorized

We often have people coming into our home on a daily basis. The majority are either care workers (care givers?) who attend our individual medical conditions & medications. They are a wonderful & dedicated trio of women and they (in turn) come in here like entering their own homes. Wonderful people!! We also have family people who are not only the very centre of our lives & so loved, they too are naturists! We also have some really nice neighbours who socially like to pop in and visit us at least once per week. So though our own mobility is a big issue with us we do have a very comfortable daily life at home.  One of our neighbours (Nell) popped round to see us yesterday with a 4 year old great grandson, she seemed to be in an anxious state and gratefully accepted a cup of coffee and a comfy armchair, the boy sat calmly on the floor looking through a selection of books we keep handy for small children. Nell told us that she was looking after the youngster for a full day and was really loving having him with her, but, a problem had come up, she needed to go to a clinic for an important blood test result and she felt she couldn’t take the boy with her, she asked if we could look after him for around an hour or possibly slightly more. Obviously we are willing to help, anyone in an awkward spot, but we needed to be sure that the boys parents would be ok having their son left in a “Nude Household” when possibly other people could come in and take off their clothes?  Nell began to smile, then actually laugh, she said that the lads mother had only said herself a few days ago that she would love to have that confidence to be naked at home all day, she apparently really thinks that we have a lovely warm lifestyle & in a small way she is ‘jealous’ of what we have, the open & comfortable way of life that is so well accepted where you could well understand objections and critiques from all around.

So, we did have the young chap for around 50minutes and he totally enjoyed his visit. His only comment that we attributed to our nakedness was “Why do you wobble everywhere when you’re moving”?


The Eyes Are a Window….

October 26, 2018 in Uncategorized

Friends came to stay last weekend, a lovely couple that we’ve known for about 20 years and daughter of theirs that has recently got divorced. Jack & Brenda were very soon undressed and settled down as we sat down to lunch, Colleen wasn’t ready yet to get naked, she had some confidence issues that were the result of a very angry & bitter marriage. She had put on quite a few extra pounds in the last 6 years and she just felt ‘down’. Through lunch we all chatted and caught up with many things that had happened through our many years, some about the time when four women at the club were all pregnant at the same time including Brenda. Colleen was the baby that came from that time, she was amazed to know that she was one of four youngsters that actually spent the majority of their early years naked, not only that, they just about spent a large part of their time ‘playing’ around the 26 acre site and doing ‘explorer’ games visiting other folk who lived at the grounds almost permanently.

As lunch ended, the laughter & stories carried on, we enjoyed bringing many memories back to life & sharing many tears of laughter. Colleen told us about a boy that she really liked through her teen years and always tried to be anywhere he was when we all enjoyed summer breaks. As the afternoon wore on we lounged on our patio catching some surprise rays of sun, then we noticed Colleen was looking through our photo albums  sat at the table alone. When she went indoors for a while alone, Brenda said that she had seen how Colleen was actually laughing so much more this afternoon than she had done for many months. Her ex-husband had been verbally cruel and mocking, he was a fitness fanatic and went for many hours at the Gym or at ‘Body building shows’ around the county. Colleen was always more reserved and didn’t like all that travel & the posing people who not only exercised beyond safe limits but also used various pills and drinks they had bought off the internet. Almost as a rebellion Colleen began overeating and not caring too much about extra pounds she was gaining. The divorce was painful for her but as she had to admit it was totally inevitable. Her ex-husband moved to another county and cruelly kept sending Colleen photo’s of himself at body building shows with an equally muscled woman by his side. When the divorce was final he actually sent her a wedding invitation with a large red X marked across it.

We sat drinking some wine by a roaring fire (still naked) as we saw Colleen re-join us, she had gotten undressed but kept her panties on, she went and sat on the couch and helped herself to a large glass of wine. After she had drank almost half of it in one gulp she said, “No more regrets or recriminations, no more recalling bad days & tears, the rest of life starts here! right here, right now, pass the chocolates I feel I need a reward.” I went forward to her, I leant forward and kissed her forehead, I told her “We accept everyone for the person they are, we don’t worry about looks & appearances, what you have in your heart & soul is what we see, it shines from your eyes”!

Three days later they all left, having really enjoyed being with us and meeting some of our friends & neighbours, they had to be reminded to put clothes on as they began to leave, the smiles & happiness of all 3 of them almost lit up the dusk laden streets. We’ll all meet up again in a few months time, we’ll travel to see them at their home in the countryside.


Her answer Is…

September 28, 2018 in Uncategorized

If you read my last blog about the promotion offer that Lisa got, maybe you’re interested in what decision she came to? Well let me tell you that she said that she just couldn’t decide all alone, she asked each one of us separately & privately to give her our own  honest & direct solution to her mind blowing options. She took time to listen to so many people but mainly us, her family & her heart sharers.  Although she has 2 more days to go she is giving her CEO her answer today.

She has decided to stay right where she is, for now. She has so many reasons to stay here and so many important different things she still needs to see completed before she moves on, but her priority is where her own heart will be happiest. She (& her own little family unit)  needs to want the same thing at the same time and although financially she would gain so much, she just would not enjoy enough quality time with them for a few years to come. (very important years!).

Of course we are happy that she (& her family) will stay close by, we are even happier that she puts family love, happiness & loyalty first & foremost.


Promotion.. or not !

September 19, 2018 in Uncategorized

When it comes to making big decisions in life there can be some deep soul searching, sometimes the options are not always easy or straightforward. Our niece Lisa has been offered a promotion in her job, it will bring great prospects of moving higher in the company & also her salary will almost treble. The job will be tough and apart from taking clear & strong control of a workforce in large area in our county, she will need to travel all around England each week. Her heart is set on the prospects the job offers, but….  she will need to move home more than 100 miles away, she will obviously need her son to change school, her new husband can move to another office of his employers but it will be only part-time and a big cut in his salary. The probability is that they will also see a lot less of us!  I guess she has a major choice to make before the 30th of this month. It is a great opportunity for her family, but she is so torn & confused, her husband says he’s ok becoming a part-time worker & losing his prospects of advancement with his employers, but we sense he’s not really!  We had a chat with her boy and he’s worried about us, about his school, about all of his pals many he knows from our local naturist club & swim.

What will the outcome be?  Watch this space…  !


Fun Friends & Sunny Days.

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We’ve had the best couple of months for weather that I can recall for many years, the continuous sun filled days have brought so many really good outdoor happiness times for my family group. (plus friends!). When we first realised that the weather was going to be great & uninterrupted we opened up our long back garden & got our gardening pal to tidy it up & cut back all the bushes & undergrowth that had slowly started to take over our extended lawn area. For the first two or three days when we were out there enjoying the heat & bringing out the extra seating & the BBQ equipment, we were leisurely enjoying our own company. My wife Rosemarie & myself then joined by Lisa, Mike & Daniel. Soon Lisa’s friends Peter & Jess and their teen daughter Kerry were popping by to enjoy our secluded ‘nude only’ group. It was so good to have friends around, plus a few from a club we used to regularly go to a few years ago. After another day or two my care givers started joining us and staying back after their days tasks were done. Mary-Jo, Carol & Beth joined in easily but Beth would not take off her panties because she said “That’s my private part, no-one gets to see there!”.

Yes those long lazy days have been so relaxed and carefree, the good people that seemed to get invited along all enjoyed the space & the time to get naked & not worry about anybody else. The only neighbour that can just see our garden rarely says anything and they both just quietly accept whatever they see in our place. Although we did get one funny comment from Mrs Davis, “I had wondered why Jim was so keen to redecorate our spare bedroom this past week or so, then I went up and caught him sat by the window with a beer! Then I understood, so did he when I yelled at him!” apparently he got the bedroom done double quick from that point onwards.


Who Cares for me, women or men?

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I have mentioned on this site previously, I need daily assistance from carers (care givers?) and for several years now  I have been very fortunate to have kept the same 3 young women on rota, who are truly excellent in their work & a real treat to know for their personalities too. One of them is about to go on maternity leave and in a way I’m honoured that she chose to tell me before her employer.

When the senior manager came later to introduce a replacement, I had to reject the person simply because it was a man.  I realise it is controversial & some would say ‘wrong’? but I have always felt that I just cannot let another man do personal tasks for me, I need personal assistance showering and drying, I need creams applying and on some occasions I have bandages put on. I can’t specifically say I don’t want ‘homosexual’ carers because that comes into the realms of discrimination, although I believe that in “very personal care” the companies providing the staff do permit ‘preferences’ to guide who they send.

I don’t truthfully know why I prefer female carers (care givers), it’s just the way I have accepted health care all my life. It never crosses my mind to question the sexuality of my many female carers, is that ok?  I am so confused now, but I still don’t want males caring for me.


Recumbant & Relaxed !

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The opportunity to lay back and relax, soak up the heat of the sun with just a gentle cooling breeze, just cannot be missed. We just experienced temperatures of 28 centigrade here on the eastern edge of Yorkshire, England. A very, very rare occasion without doubt. Three adults who really should have had more sense, busied their brains trying to suggest things we could all do, to ‘enjoy’ this fabulous public holiday time. Each idea they came up with had merits, no doubt. An open topped bus tour around this genuinely historically captivating city ( Kingston-Upon-Hull, check it out? ) was for a moment considered, a very brief moment !

Then I glanced at my cuddly naked wife happily snoozing, I let my eyes travel over my white (but getting red !) flabby reclining body, recalling all the years of toil and poorly paid labour, all the medical trials and operations that have scarred this loved mound of humanity, then as I settled even more comfortably in position to absorb much UV rays, I decided this is where we need to be ! Let those with energy and sweaty clothes on, go off seeking any other pleasures they need ! We have simple needs… when the sun beams down !


Early Songs… No!

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We like having friends, family & neighbours who enjoy visiting our home. We both have limited mobility & at the very first part of each day we struggle more with pain too. Our cousin Kerry & her partner Alison came to stay for 7 nights and were enthusiastic to visit us & this city. We spoke to Kerry on the phone many times in recent months & although she has lived 250 miles away we have talked extensively & skyped hundreds of times. She did like the idea of so much ‘freedom’ and that bringing Alison along wasn’t a problem in any way.

On the first morning of their stay I was (as usual) out of my bed by 4:45am although my wife often gets up around 7:30. As always I moved with pain & difficulty to the bathroom, it takes quite a while to shave, wash & clean my teeth. Just around 5:15 I was just ready to leave the bathroom when in came Alison, naked & quite merrily singing away, with just a nod in my direction she immediately sat on the toilet and began urinating! I moved as quickly as  I could out of there and went to the kitchen, there I found Kerry equally naked & happily singing as she prepared 2 bowls of cereals. I said “good morning” between her bursts of song and tried to get at my various pills & medicines. Kerry went off to the back porch and put on the tv, soon to be joined by Alison. I tried to keep calm and polite, I simply said to our very loud visitors, ” Will you please turn off the tv and be a little quieter please, it is only 5: 25am and we don’t disturb anyone least of all Rosemarie {my wife}. A silence came as the tv stopped. Two stunned women looked back then after a minute or two Kerry spoke. “We’re sorry but we thought you & Rosemarie were both very liberated & relaxed, we feel great being able to get up and ‘get-into’ the day without clothes or restriction?” I answered calmly, ” By all means be liberated, what ever that is, be naked 24/7 if you are happier that way, but please before 8:00am just respect our choice of quietness, respect our neighbours early morning & then just enjoy your day!”

After that we all got along fine, we enjoyed their visit, they really made the best of it, and on Saturday after they dressed to leave at 9:30am  Kerry hugged us both & offered us a week at their home. With a cheeky smile she said ” We like singing & happy early mornings though !”


Here To Assist

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Once again on Friday I had to go for a check-up with my hospital consultant. The only small problem I had was that being in a particularly ‘ bad pain’ time I decided to take my wheelchair with me & I asked my niece Lisa to come along too. After much experience Lisa knows just how I might need help when my mobility is really restricted. All went well as far as getting to the clinic and finding the right area was concerned, although I must say that a few “naughty words” fell from my mouth as I almost fell into my wheelchair at a very restrictive parking zone.  As we chatted to the secretary we told her that Lisa would be assisting me and that she would remain with me throughout the whole consultation and of course through to us leaving later.

Quite oblivious to our conversation the secretary said, ” If you go through to the consultants waiting area a nurse will come to help you undress.”  Both Lisa and myself were momentarily stunned, then  I repeated “Lisa is here to assist me throughout the entire thing this afternoon, I don’t need a nurse to help me.”  The secretary stepped between Lisa and myself and quietly said ” You will be required to take all of your clothing off– everything– and put on a gown so Mr Drummond can examine you completely”.  I stayed calm although I could feel inside I was starting to be agitated. So I said calmly and directly ” I completely understand what is involved with this entire consultation, my niece Lisa and no one else, will help me through everything right up to us getting back into her car. She will assist me getting undressed, putting the gown on, staying with me while Mr Drummond examines me and talks with me, she will then help me get dressed again and leave the area.”

I  saw her face change several times, but her look of stunned silence was possibly the best.


Happy Birthday Barry !

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I rarely attend birthday parties for anyone under 18 unless its very close family, or unless its a better alternative than the constant earache I would get for not going from my wife. Even in my mid 60’s I still back down just to avoid weeks of hassle from her. However, when a good friends son had his 16th birthday last November 20th, he had  just had a kidney transplant after 2 long years on machines and hours laid in hospital. Because his condition deteriorated quite quickly last summer, he ( & the family) missed out on a trip to Cap D’Agde and a visit from his older sister who also lives in France.

We arrived late afternoon at the club house of an ‘out-of-season’ naturist club. Although we had been assured the heating would be 100% working 2hrs prior to our arrival, there was a distinct ‘chill’ in the air.  As I had just overcome an illness myself I was back in my wheelchair and the extra cover of a ‘Lap-Rug’ brought a bit of warmth to my legs at least. In a couple of hours the place had filled up, it had began to get quite warm and several people had already put there clothing away in a very warm changing area. When Barry arrived he was truly stunned to see so many at his party and about 75% were naked too. We were later told there were three couples there who were textile and never accepted any form of naturism !  Barry was certainly in great excitement and overjoyed with each person he recognised again after 2 years away.  The party really got musically ‘rocking’ and both of us had got naked too. Then came a magical time, we all sang happy birthday to Barry, then as he turned to hug his dad & mum he suddenly saw his older sister there all the way from France, tall tanned and naked she ran and gave him the biggest hug ever !  Happy Birthday Barry !


Cold, Cold, Hot Event

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New Years Eve 1988, the temperatures were well down into the ‘minus’ numbers, snow & ice lay several inches deep, around the club grounds every living creature had found a ‘warm’ haven. Inside the clubhouse more than 40 people were warm, naked and merrily soaked in many various alcoholic beverages. Along with a very attractive black haired slender female, I  stood outside the clubhouse, naked, very cold and waiting for the count down to usher in another year. In those long, long minutes Linda and I became really cold, our well tanned and well ‘uncovered’ flesh began to visibly shake. Although we really didn’t know each other that well it soon became essential that we should ‘cuddle-together’ to share and increase body heat. Locked in a tight combination we were soon pleased to hear the “Auld Lang Syne” melody bouncing around the drunken mass inside. We had found a ‘recess or alcove’ where we could perhaps get this warmth bonding more effective. Then came the inevitable countdown to the new year, Linda & myself shuffled in our locked naked cuddle towards the door, as the last 3 seconds went down we peeled ourselves apart, as the door came open, in that exact second, a crowded room saw us step apart and Linda looking downwards gasping at my erection ! !  Somehow the very loud ‘cheering’ seemed to be ‘insignificant’ as many more pairs of eyes were transfixed on that doorway scene, not helped by one drunken person yelling “Have you let her new year in?”.


Cold Night>Hot Tub?

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As we step carefully into February the cold night temperatures often fall below -2c in the city & -5c in country area’s. Strangely we have thought about night time outdoor naked times, but the only reason nude activity is being considered is that some new friends have installed a huge (very huge) hot tub, they are planning to have a big ‘opening’ party on 10th February that will be a  ‘nude only’ event.

My loving wife has volunteered to take me and our friends from a few doors away. The only reason I am just a little hesitant is the possibility that lots of wine & lager will be consumed! I don’t doubt the intentions of the ‘party-goers’ at all, but for many years we have avoided ‘parties’ or ‘celebrations’ because the whole alcohol fed atmosphere of loudness and blasting music and the probable laughter-filled ‘fooling around’. I don’t fear any inappropriate  sexual behaviour at all.  The cold night air, the party popping antics, the hot-tub haze… would my aching body appreciate it? … I think not!

Would you and your ‘other-half’ go out nude in such cold temps for a ‘tub party’ ?




What a year, so far !

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I’m not really sure what think about 2018 so far, there has been more emotional stress in these first weeks for my darling wife. She has also been the victim of a physical assault. At 4 feet 8 inches she hasn’t the stature or strength to fend off an assault. She has several medical issues to cope with along with a usually ‘timid’ nature.
After the assault and during the police investigation, I suffered a fall and dislocated two fingers ! Our fabulous niece has suddenly become unemployed, now she discovers her car has been vandalised and had graffiti painted onto its roof, ” naked bitch is here free!”
So maybe the next months will change our ‘luck’ around? Maybe the cops can detain a phsyco bully, maybe a job and a repaired car will appear for Lisa? My fingers will heal but I still need daily personal help.
So come on 2018…. give us reasons to be happy, give us some sunny days so I can get my loving family to the coast and wide open freedom.
Have you had a good start to a year ?


Being investigated?

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Christmas & New Year events are obviously happy times to enjoy, not always! We decided to just have a small, cosy  group of people in our home to celebrate with us. We had near family people, we had neighbours from both sides of us, we made it really clear that it would be ‘clothes optional’ too.

Christmas event, the afternoon party went well, everyone joined in with the festive mood, some clothed, some naked, everyone happy until one neighbour brought along her ex-con sister! No sooner had she arrived did she start drinking large glasses of vodka, (which Lisa [our niece] had brought for her own use) then she loudly and with vulgar words began explaining what she thought about nudity, old people naked & women who sat there with just panties on (Lisa, for her ‘condition’). Of course we eventually got this crude vulgar drunk and the neighbour evicted, but that whole thing was spoilt and the atmosphere ruined.

New year eve, a similar group of people in same happy attire (or lack of!) and because of our generous forgiving nature we invited both neighbours again but insisted that no other person should be brought along! We enjoyed the early evening and we were almost 100% naked except each neighbour, which was fine because they were happy too! Then my wife took out to our patio a bag of empty cans & 2 bottles, suddenly a hand grabbed her neck from behind! an aggressive female voice said ” I’m reporting you to the police tomorrow, you organise lewd nude parties!” My wife was propelled towards the doorway and the same woman from the Christmas event went back through a neighbours gateway! My wife came back in crying, visibly shaking and there were clear red marks to her neck & throat!

That party ended right there! the police were phoned instantly but. . . because for them it was an exceptional busy night, we were just given a “crime log number” and we’re told an ‘investigation may be held.?. Two weeks later all we’ve had from the police is 3 phone calls saying ” An officer has been assigned and investigations will begin?”. We used to have a lot of pride & respect for our british police, now that is very tarnished.

Do you think my description of both events has had an effect on the police? have the words ‘naked people’ influenced police action ( or lack of?). You decide ?